Evil Lord, Volume 2 Chapter 11


*sigh* Well, my copy of Fire Emblem Three houses came in today, but I can’t play it because I had to cancel my switch order…. Oh woe is me… orz

I wonder if I can ask a friend to let me borrow theirs? Though, I think it’d suck to lose all my progress once I grab the new switch model coming out next month. :/

Anyways, special thanks to Kevin N., and Kanik S. for the donations! No matter the size, they’re appreciated! Keep’em coming! 🙂

Enjoy the chapter~! (^^)/


3 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 2 Chapter 11

  1. Aemaz beat me to it, you can swap save data between them. But take it from me, three houses is good. A little different from previous emblems, but in a good way


  2. Just like what aemaz said, you can transfer data, but I don’t think that’s advicable since you also transfer data from the person from who you borrowed the switch from
    (I think so, don’t know for certain though, but it’s highly likely)
    And then the games and save data (even the account ) of the owner of the switch will be on your new switch, and that means all the save data from him will be yours by accident
    But i can be wrong, since the switch lite isn’t released yet and we don’t know the specifics about the transfer ability of the lite yet
    But please keep it in mind, because it can be like this

    Sorry for the rant though
    And thanks for the hard work and the new chapter ma’am!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~🎶

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