Evil Lord, Volume 2 Chapter 10


I actually wanted to get this out sooner today, but I got a little busy, sorry about that. (^^|||

Anyways, this is probably one of my favourite chapters of volume 2 because of the dialogue. You’ll see why.

Also special thanks to Bryony W., Rafael I.C.M., Tan E., and Samuel R. Thank you for the donations! Keep’em coming! Every little bit is appreciated and helps give me motivation! 🙂

Enjoy the chapter! \(^^)/


5 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 2 Chapter 10

  1. Hahaha, I’ll star translating this to spanish! Thank you for yer hard work.

    P. S: I’d love to donate something, but i’m dry right now, wait till next month and I’ll do my part ;D

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