Evil Lord, Volume 2 Chapter 6


Dang. Literally THE DAY AFTER I order my switch nintendo announces an updated version to come out next month with almost double the battery life… (TT^TT)

I had to cancel my order, since what’s the point in ordering now when a better one is coming out soon? orz

Also, special thanks to Benjamin H. for the donation! \(^^)/

PS. This chapter is has BY FAR been the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever translated…

So yeah… brace yourselves. (It’s only R-15 though, don’t worry)


11 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 2 Chapter 6

  1. Don’t cancel your order, the next gen of N switch is cancer the screen is 2.5 cm diagonally smaller the joycon are fused to the screen and the battery like is doubled because the gpu is weaker you can’t use you tv either and is bad for adults because is overall smaller included the controller is make to children less than 12 you will regret it


    1. Dw, I’m not talking about the switch lite. They’re re-releasing the 2017 version with an updated battery.

      Original is listed as HAC-001
      The new one is HAC-001(-01)


      1. Yea, I saw that a few days ago. I thought you getting this new one. Anyway my friend just bought a new one around new year so after I send the news to him, he rage in tear.

        But you mostly play while plugged on anyway? I don’t see a problem with that.


  2. Well, it sucks to wait for the new one, not that i’m gonna get it, i’m content with my switch as it is
    But for playing on handheld mode, you really want a better battery life, so i can understand why you’ve cancelled the order
    And thank you for the hard work and the new chapter ma’am!

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  3. Can’t you upgrade just the battery later? Anyway, I don’t think double battery life means better gaming experience… Your eyes and brain need rest, too… and it can be done while charging.


  4. 1st “gen” switch can still be useful if it’s not iPatched, if you were planning on doing homebrew on it. That said, many of the current new-in-box switches out there have been ipatched, so you may as well try for the updated one.


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