Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 13


Hey everyone! How was your weekends? Personally, I went to a concert and went camping with friends! \(^^)/

With that said, I’d like to address something. I have a life. Please DO NOT badger me in PMs and such about when the next chapter will come out. As long as I’m still interested in the series, updates will be frequent, but should I lose interest, or become busy IRL or some other reason, then updates will naturally slow down. I WILL NOT set up a schedule for releases. I have enough problems in my life without being badgered by anons about missing dates for something that I do completely as a hobby.

Whew, that got heavy (^^|||

Also special thanks to Louis K., Deep B., and Samuel R. for the donations!

Especially Samuel R. for his second donation. 😉

Love you all 3000~! And enjoy the chapter~


7 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 13

  1. all is good with going missing for long time \o/
    the only thing that is horrid in this trans’transing world is when a project is just dropped one day without further notice and one don’t know of it and just keep on waiting o_o

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    1. Dw, I have no plan of dropping this anytime soon. 🙂

      I’ve just been getting some light harassment lately on the updates since I was taking the weekend off, which is why I had to get so serious for a second here.


  2. Haha, take your time to enjoy rl, and i hope it was a fun weekend
    (My sad weekend was highlighted by finishing a living dex on ultra moon #fml)
    I only come here to enjoy your translations ma’am, so I patiently await the time for a new chapter, no matter how pong it takes.
    And ma’am, can you do me a favor in november?
    If you have bought a switch and sword or shield, and please give me your fc, so i can give you some shinies, i have a lot of them haha
    It’s the least i can do to show my appreciation with the meager things i can show it with!
    Have a nice day ma’am!
    Now I’m off to enjoy some “evil lord” tendencies of this site haha
    Dutch nutcase, signing off~

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      1. I’ll give you my double shiny charizard and shiny gyarados and shiny tyranitar, and i’ll hunt for more mons that are in the gen8 dex, so be prepared for at least Ten shinies haha


  3. Thank you for the update.
    I just stalked the site day and night for the update *look look*.
    The true stalker will not cause any problem, just look. hue hue hue.

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