Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 12


Woah… traffic suddenly jumped to 1.5x my recent highest yesterday. O_O

Is ‘chapter 11’ just the perfect number for people to start jumping into a series or something?

Also, special thx to Clifton S. for their second donation! Thank you very much for your support! \(^^)/

Enjoy the chapter~!


4 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 12

  1. More or less, yeah. That’s the number of chapters I often see recommended for gauging whether or not a story is worth your time.


  2. Thanks for the hard work ma’am!
    Hmm, i don’t know, but maybe some people found out about it in NU forums that there is a new interesting novel, or the heard on the same forums that you’ back in action?
    Anyway, that’s me purely speculating here
    Have a good day ma’am!

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  3. I discovered the series through WordPress’ notification system. It’s the misunderstanding tag that really caught my interest XD.


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