Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 11


I wonder if this counts as a double-release? Its past-midnight, so its technically tomorrow where I am but it’s been less than 12 hours since the last chapter released…

Tbh, it’s actually very late for me rn (or should I say early?), so I’m probably heading to bed after this.

Enjoy the chapter~ \(^^)/

5 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 11

  1. Oh my, a double release?!
    (Two chaps inbetween tweelbe hours counts as a double release in my book)
    Earlier this morning was a fresh chapter to start with, and now a new one in my lunchbreak
    This is such a bliss~
    Thank you for the hard work ma’am!
    I hope you have a good night sleep!

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  2. Thanks for the double release!

    Honestly in this short time this is becoming one of my most liked series. I really enjoy the comedy that comes from the misunderstandings.

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