Evil Lord, Chapter 6


…I take it back, this chapter was much more painful than yesterdays. >///<

I also removed the patreon button. I’d feel bad if someone signed up while I was on a break or dead, so its just the single donations now.

*cough* I’m broke and want a switch but don’t want to work as a barista for minimum wage anymore *cough* 😉

…btw, I swear I’m not double posting to NU. I only submit the chapter once. Anon, whoever you are, thanks for uploading my chapters, but I got it covered. (^^|||


One thought on “Evil Lord, Chapter 6

  1. Kuroinfinity, you are spoiling me with all these chapter releases. The more you more chapters you release the more I want.
    Haven’t been addicted to a novel in a long time and I am loving it.
    Thanks for all the chapters.

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