Under Construction

Updating the site for the first time in years, if things seem janky at the moment then that’s my fault lol


…and hi everyone. My eyesight got worse over the last 2 years and I had to get glasses haha.

6 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. Our lady Sloth-sama is back!!!!!
    Thank the heavens that you’re okay!
    I’m realy glad that you’ve posted something in years
    So i’ll be waiting for the new updated site, and who knows, maybe we can read your translations soon haha
    Greetings from a dutch nutcase with autism~

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    1. Not gonna lie, I’ve kinda been avoiding this place cuz of the shame lol

      And yes, lets see how this works. Maybe I can get another 20-30 chapters out before I burn out of motivation xD


      1. Well, you had to take your time for school, and i’m not mad at you for not posting, it just made me worried about you yourself, since a lot of translators i’m following are going *poof* without notice throughout the years, so i’m just really glad that someone comes back
        So don’t be ashamed, just take good (and better) care of yourself, because your rl comes first, no matter what

        And so what if it’s just 20-30 chapters, at least i now know that you’re still alive and well
        So take your time and thank you for restarting translations
        And if you’re close to a burnout, just give us (your faithful sloth worshippers) a heads up and take a break for as long as it takes (even if it takes some years haha)

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    1. I’m glad you noticed, unfortunately I don’t draw as much recently so my art hasn’t really improved lol.

      Not going to lie, University has been tough on me. Almost makes me want to go back to highschool 2 years ago lol

      I have some free time recently since I’m taking online classes over the summer (so I can travel), so I’m actually not as stressed as I normally am.

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