Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 12


Woah… traffic suddenly jumped to 1.5x my recent highest yesterday. O_O

Is ‘chapter 11’ just the perfect number for people to start jumping into a series or something?

Also, special thx to Clifton S. for their second donation! Thank you very much for your support! \(^^)/

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Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 11


I wonder if this counts as a double-release? Its past-midnight, so its technically tomorrow where I am but it’s been less than 12 hours since the last chapter released…

Tbh, it’s actually very late for me rn (or should I say early?), so I’m probably heading to bed after this.

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Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 10


Hey everyone sorry for the delay. First of all here’s the discord link:


I’ll post it on the side bar too, but I don’t really know how to make it in ‘button’ form. haha…. (^^|||

Also, this is the first time I’ve ever made a discord server, so I’m sorry if its a little bare-bones.

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Evil Lord, Chapter 7


Welp… it looks like my daily chapter streak is broken. Tbh, I’m starting to feel the exhaustion from doing so. 2-3 hours per chapter, kind of burns you out after a while. Not to mention that the lack of traffic is a bit disheartening (1/5th of my peak)…

StatsI was actually suprised, turns out blacksmith was my most popular project! O_O

Oh well, this is a hobby anyways, so I can’t really say I’m obligated to anything other than personal guilt lol

No worries though! I’m still active!

…for now. 😉

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Evil Lord, Chapter 6


…I take it back, this chapter was much more painful than yesterdays. >///<

I also removed the patreon button. I’d feel bad if someone signed up while I was on a break or dead, so its just the single donations now.

*cough* I’m broke and want a switch but don’t want to work as a barista for minimum wage anymore *cough* 😉

…btw, I swear I’m not double posting to NU. I only submit the chapter once. Anon, whoever you are, thanks for uploading my chapters, but I got it covered. (^^|||