Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 46

Okay… there’s the last of the sponsored chapters, now there’s only the apology chapter for the week. Which also by the way happens to be the final chapter of Volume 2! \(^^)/

Its only a coincidence. Total coincidence.

EDIT: I just checked, but the next chapter is 8 pages long too… orz

You can read the next chapter here.

Ps. I wanted to post some drawings by now but…

…digital art is hard. 😦


17 thoughts on “Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 46

  1. thanks for your hard work and good luck with your art ^^
    but yea, i totally know that feeling..ugh
    sometimes i just get in a fit of rage from it,
    so i take a break and come back to it

    well, thanks again and eat stuff to boost your brain?


    1. i think all have the same problem with drawing XD In some novels there cheat about art and farm I had more envy to that than super powers or to be able to walk in the ahire XD


  2. Thanks for the translation~
    Ah, I have the same problems, before that start with the concrete objects first before you draw a person, be aware of space and spanning (scale of object x on object y, easiest would be a chair). And pose yourself for easier interpretation of the dimensions. I think that’s the easiest way to cope with the problem. and drawing is mostly about adjusting, especially when your doing an original piece. Well, you can have others teach you drawing < — there are foundations and all, so it's probably the most effective. And mind you, drawing takes hours and hours, okay? So at least, "get started with the outline, Shinji!" < — don't be afraid to redo this many times until it becomes realistically possible, your problem lies here. Well, go join discord centered on drawing. Ah right, forget about the details in drawing objects, use simple geometric figures to describe it's dimensions. Well, that's all. I'm all traditional, so you might encounter palettes and the color wheel. It might be a hard hurdle, but do your best~ (you can hone your senses by copying other works)


  3. Well, the solution for your problem in art is… make more exercises and practice… play with the functions of your selected pay/free software (adobe photoshop/illustrator, serif affinity, autodesk sketchbook, paint tools sai, xara, opencanvas, acd canvas, corel painter/draw, krita, gimp, inkscape, artrage, etc…) and discover your strong and weak points… and experiment with all… XD


  4. I’ve had bumps where what I drew would never match up in my head and it drove me crazy >///< but then I'd take a breather and come back to it and it turn out right lol sometimes even better than what I had previously envisioned. Practice makes perfect and with digital art u'll get there 🙂 Best of luck!


  5. If you are having issues with digital drawing, try making a rough sketch on paper and putting that paper onto your graphics tablet and tracing it. Not an artist myself (yet) but that is what I’ll be doing once I get a batter graphics tablet, myself.

    You probably already thought of doing that, but thought I should suggest it just in case 😉


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