Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 44

Here’s the first out of four bonus chapters. (3 sponsored, 1 as an apology for being so late)

To be honest, its been so long that I can’t remember who sponsored these ones, so I’m just going to make a big long list thanking all of the people ho sponsored me so far at the release of the fourth chapter.

Whew… let’s see if I can get them all out before the end of the week…

You can read the next chapter:

(✿◕ ‿◕)ノ))。₀: *゜ <<HERE!!!>> .:*・✿ ✿.。.:*・ヾ(Ő‿Ő✿)

(Some people couldn’t find the chapter button last time for some reason… does this help?)


6 thoughts on “Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 44

  1. girlfriend, get some rest, I will not hawk over these also mainly because, I am too busy to hawk you right now, it is possible to jsut release sponsored chapters as an extra chapter per week thus you will still fill the commitment towards them,


  2. hmmmm… I say it needs a bit more glitter and sparkles =D but certainly it makes it easier to click on it with my giant sausage fingers on phone.


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