16 thoughts on “Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 41

  1. Dammit I thought I could finally have this,

    Thank you for the chapter

    You tricked about blacksmith, it was shit nothing happens what kind story has nothing happen in it and strong cool mc goes to weak wimpy and worthless guy author is nuts

    I thought this would like kenkyo but I was wrong and it is insult to kenkyo to even thought that


    1. …tbh you sound kind of scummy here Jack. :/

      I liked blacksmith for what its worth, it was mostly a rom-com and its still ongoing.

      If you didn’t like it you could’ve always stopped translating it partway.

      Sorry for telling you I liked a story that I liked. 😦


      1. Sorry if I sound bad there

        But I meant as you said there would he alots of drama in there but there was a severe lack of drama in volume 3 it ended 3 chapters

        I am not blaming you and I will apologize if I sounded like I was blaming you

        I am sorry if I sounded like I was blaming you but death flags for blacksmith I am saying that I myself made a bad decision and it is on me.

        As I regret not just sticking with death and tried to go for something else that wasy mistake and not on you

        Again I am sorry if I sounded like I was blaming you


        1. Yeahhhh… the project’s still mine though. 😛

          You’ll have to find another one, unfortunately.

          And okay, thanks. Its good to know you don’t have a grudge on me or whatever. (^^)


          1. Yep and I hope that you have good health and good luck in it

            but I will always be the shadow looming over your shoulder until oniichan drops kenkyo then I will vanish completely and just do kenkyo all the time
            man if oniichanyamete wasn’t such a God translator I would do that novel in a heartbeat


            1. tbh why not just do some translation collaboration? like guro-san and clown-san in slime tensei project in the past? just my 2 cents


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