Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 40

Hey everyone~ (^^)/

Tbh I really wanted to get this chapter out yesterday, but I had a shift to take care of.

I’m planning to get the next chapter out Thursday, but who knows? I’m only a sloth afterall. xD

Read here.

PS. I took some of ur guys’s advice and redrew my avatar. I’ts still a work in progress though. 😛


…I suck at colouring. >.<


26 thoughts on “Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 40

  1. thx for the chapters, glad chapters started up and looking like steady updates now too.
    love the pov of how characters other than harold see him


  2. Thanks for the chapter Kuro, it always improves a bad day.

    The avatar is quite nice, with the shading under the eyes now looking a lot more like she’s just sleep deprived than before. The other details are lovely too. The only problem I can see if I’m trying to find one is that the eyes themselves seem glazed over to the point that they look empty rather than tired. A nice smile with eyes that like like there’s nothing behind them does give the yandere vibe, as previous comments said.


  3. its nice to see some female like shounen type novel
    and not the shoujo reverse harem romance or some yaoi-shit

    anyhow, im glad that this novel is picked up again
    i like the story that gives the impression of ‘what will mc gonna do next’ since many novel being too repetitive of their laid back slice of life style it become boring.
    i hope this one will not go through that route


      1. It’s ok to use~
        I was thinking of picking up this novel to translate as practice, but Sloth-san works way faster than me so I can support with fanart/colouring :3

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Hahaha, the quality of my translation isn’t up to standard yet. Senpai does not have to worry, I’ll focus on art~ But if everyone translate too slow I’ll pick up the ones nobody is TL-ing >A<;


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