Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 39

A bit late but… meh. I’m only a sloth after all.

Read here.

Oh, and Blacksmith was quickly picked up by JackFrost, or Kenkyo, or as I like to call him, Alarmclock-san, here:

10 thoughts on “Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 39

    1. Laptop, actually. 😛

      Well, it didn’t actually break down, but keys were popping out, the battery didn’t hold a charge so you had to use it plugged in, it overheated easily, and it was just slow.

      That’s what 5 years does to a laptop. 😛

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      1. My laptop is having the same problems. I think it’s time to finally get a new one and fork over money I don’t have. 😦


        1. Mine I had to replace the battery 4 times, I can’t close the lid, and the speed runs slower than a turtle, and held together with tape. my 5 year pony is reaching its end


  1. Nope, you’re not late, but you’ve posted the new chap at the casual time of sloth:sloth am.
    So i thank you for your hard work and the new chapter
    greetings fromout the netherlands
    ( ^-^)//


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