Blacksmith Announcement, AKA I’m a spokesperson now! xD

Hey everyone, not a chapter this time.

As you all know, I recently dropped Blacksmith where it was promptly picked up again by JackFrost.

Well he asked me to make an announcement on my site for him (even though I don’t get why), so… here it goes:  xD

At this point in time, there are 15 chapters left of Blacksmith untranslated, as such, Jack plans to put his other two projects (Lv999 and Hone) on hold while he focuses on Blacksmith.

Basically, he wants to get to the latest chapter that the author is at and update as the author does.

But he’s not sure if you guys will be okay with it, so he’s going to put up a poll on the next Lv999 chapter on whether he should go for it or not.

On the chance that he gets the okay from you guys, he said he needs editors, specifically FIFTEEN editors, one per chapter. He says he doesn’t care if English is your first or second language, but he would prefer people that are confident in their English.

Oh, and that he’ll start doing all of this next week, since he has mid-terms this week.

…and yeah, that’s it. 😛

His website:

PS. Still working on Chapter 40 but it should be out soon.


20 thoughts on “Blacksmith Announcement, AKA I’m a spokesperson now! xD

      1. nah, you are much more that, I can’t live without you(translating Death flags), life before you I was trapped deep withing the darkness (Waiting). But when you arrived in my life and saw you smile (you =Harold smiling) I saw the light deep within the world of darkness and now hope that you will never leave(please don’t go off again or I will take over forever, jk)


  1. What’s jack’s website, can’t find it, and I didn’t know someone picked up lv999 damn prob far behind now. Can someone please give me a link to his site. Thanks.


  2. Thanks for the update.
    And here I was thinking we would have to wait for you to finish Death Flags before Blacksmith would be continued.


      1. I know, and I get why you’re trying to do it this way. It just seemed so funny in contrast to the usual “I just need one editor, please, please guys. My old one has RL stuff and I’m stuck here.” requests, especially with Kuroinfinity’s emphasis on FIFTEEN.


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