Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 38

I’m alive. Chapters 17(39) and 18(40) are on their way, either today or tomorrow.

I’m dropping Blacksmith, I’m sticking to my policy of focusing on one project at a time. (Transfering all donation money from Blacksmith to Death flag)

Sorry for my absence.

Read here.

PS. Currently working on an avatar (not going well so far…):



46 thoughts on “Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 38

  1. Wooo. Although it’s sad that youre dropping blacksmith, at least we get more death flags now, and may they never end. I thought Sloth-san got eaten by an eagle, it’s nice to be proven wrong.

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    1. …meh, sure. πŸ˜›


      Blah blah blah stuff happens on vacation

      Eventually Iris gets together with the prince after he gives up his right to the throne to be together with her.

      And Kururi and Eliza have a big set of there own romantic character development, and they end up going on their first date at the end of Volume 3 chapter 15.

      Oh and Vaine and Crossy have a thing happen too. :3

      If you want details, either learn japanese, wait for someone else to translate it, or wait for me to finish Death Flag, where I will then take it up again. xD

      I don’t know what happens in Volume 4, I haven’t read it yet. πŸ˜›

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  2. Glad you’re still kicking. It’s good news that you’ll only focus on continuing death flag which mean we’ll get more chapter from now on.

    Tbh, I’m little sad to heard that you’re dropping the blacksmith cause the story is interesting too. Not better than death flag though.

    Well, it can’t be helped since I’m just a leech who depends on translator’s efforts, kindness and sincerity.

    I hope there’ll be a translator who’ll pick up blacksmith. Amen.

    Sorry for the long speech. I’m just glad that you’re back. Okairi.


            1. I have considered it but I feel it will slow down me because I would have to depend on people and their life may take time and schedule will obviously be different so I depend on comment editors I feel they help better and are faster and love those people who take the time and effort to point my mistakes out


              1. That’s cool bro. You’re too awesome! Thanks for picking up the blacksmith. Sadly I’m not an English native speaker so I can’t help you with anything. I learn English by reading translation novels, so my English can’t be guaranteed. Sorry to say that I’m gonna be a leech too in your web.


  3. I’m kinda happy that you still alive more than new chapter. I’ll be back to read later, hopes you’re still around by then. Next time please leave a note so we know that you didn’t meet truck-san or anything. also … welcome back?


      1. No it’s okay. You just up and gone after I leave that last message about it’s a month thing. I thought that did I do something wrong again.

        but but …. If anything just don’t die on me before you tell me what happend it that image from before.


  4. I’m glad you’re back in action, and i hope you’re doing well.
    it’s a shame of dropping blacksmith, but you’re the boss and death flag is also funny to read
    thank you for your hard work and the new chapter.
    greetings from the bloody leech you can’t get rid of no matter how hard you try to stamp it in the dirt XD


      1. I was worying on something different than blacksmith, i’m just glad that you’re okay.
        the thing i’ve been worrying about was that something happened to you, thanks to the long absence from your posts
        So, i hope you will have a nice day
        greetings from out a small village in the netherlands
        (~β– _β– )//


  5. Thanks for the chapter.

    I’m pretty disappointed to here that you are dropping Blacksmith.
    Thanks for the had work and effort up to date though.


  6. Welcome back. I like blacksmith, but I like death flag more so I’ll be happy if we get more chapters.

    As for the picture you drew, it’s not too bad. The only thing that bothers me about it is those lines under the eyes, which at first glance give me the impression of being wrinkles of even terrible bags under the eyes. It makes her look either really tired and/or ill and forcing herself to smile. Like she’s just pulled herself out of a sick bed.
    Don’t put too much stock in my critique though, since my artistic talent would need an electron microscope to detect.


      1. Well I get that. It got the whole “Even though I may be dying/haven’t slept in days, I’m still here to post a chapter for you guys…” vibe, which would certainly get some sympathy. But it seems more pitiful than the lazy type “I don’t wanna get out of bed today” character who just doesn’t wanna work, that you see in anime/manga that you might have been aiming for. Like Gintoki from gintama, or Kyon from Haruhi, or Houtarou from Hyouka?, or Shikamaru from Naruto? All the ones that come to mind are guys though. Most of those types don’t smile much though, while your sketch is which probably why it looks like she’s trying her best? If you wanna go for lazy and unmotivated type than no smile, slack expression since it’s too much effort to smile or whatever, and heavy lidded eyes to show laziness. If that’s what you’re going for that is.
        Trying to think of a female character that fits that vibe. Maybe the heroine from Gosick? Shinobu from Monogatari? Not sure if they quite fit.
        Well, I’m happy to give an opinion if you post another one. I’m fine with being nosy and self-important.


    1. I’m actually studying japanese right now, so its not a 100% machine translation, I use programs to compensate for when I get confused.

      I use the Japanese dictionary for Kanji I don’t understand, but if I’m really desperate I turn to google translate for sentences and phrases.


    1. *shrugs*

      Yeah, I am.

      but would you guys even believe me unless I posted a picture or something?

      (Which I absolutely WILL NOT do)

      Its the internet, and I I like anime and stuff like that, so there’s a 99.99999999% I’m lying and that I’m a guy, since we all know that girls don’t exit on the internet, right? πŸ˜›


  7. Couldn’t you have stayed died a little bit longer? I was gonna start Death Flag this weekend and everything. I even had the announcement post set up.


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