Blacksmith Chapter 41 PREVIEW + message

Hey guys, sorry for not updating on Sunday like I said. Truth is, I wasn’t stockpiling. I just panicked and said that on the spur of the moment to buy time…

Sorry, I hope you can forgive me. >.<

Its just… its summer vacation you know? I’ve been busy IRL just fooling around, and as much as I love TL’ing for you guys, I also love playing videogames, hanging out with friends, going camping, and being the one who reads the novels instead of TL’ing them. 😛

I just want to confirm I DID NOT drop blacksmith. I’m actually working on the chapter right now. I’m just releasing this early because I think you guys just want some info from me right now…

Thank you so much for staying faithful and re-visiting the site during my absense, but now I’m back and you’ll get the rest of the chapter in a couple hours. 😉

Oh and btw, technically with the five chapters I released in that one week before I’m still two weeks ahead of schedule. (no, not really but still) xD

You can read the preview Down there:
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