Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 26 (Re-Edited + Image)

3/5-6 Re-hosted chapters done.

Ugh, the guilt is KILLING ME!!! orz

I feel so bad about how I’m keeping you all waiting on the new chapters just because of my ego and OCD…

Plz… just a little more… I’m halfway done…

Read the chapter here.

14 thoughts on “Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 26 (Re-Edited + Image)

  1. Don’t worry about the small stuff, you’re doing great.
    i’ve just finnished reading up till chapter 33 of this new novel that you’re going to start translating.
    it’s one hell of a novel, although i pity harold, and his poor shit talking mouth which he can’t chance even with all his hard work to chance it( -_-‘)~(poor young lad)
    and thank you for all you’re hard work you’re doing with translating up till now.
    And i will not read those parts of chapter 34, because i like to read a complete chapter.
    sonow i said what i wanted.
    Take your timewith re-editing the picture chapters, have a nice weekend
    and i will see (read) you in another post.
    greetings from a small village in the netherlands

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  2. Aaaaaaaah, the agony. Please, please give some succor for this pain! The waiting. Oooooooh. Aaaaaaawwwgh. Panacea, I beg of you.


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