Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 24 (Re-edited + Image)

Hey guys…

First of all, I’d like to happily announce that Madao gave his permission for re-hosting the image chapters but…

Why the hell am I re-editing a posted chapter?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I know I’m supposed to be working on Blacksmith, but I didn’t expect this…

I was prepping the chapter for re-hosting with images, and then I saw some grammar mistakes, and before I knew it, an hour had passed of me editing. O.o

Stupid OCD…

I never realised how much Madao never used punctuation before…

The number of times I’ve had to change ‘do not’ into ‘don’t’ or ‘was not’ into ‘wasn’t’ to make the sentence ‘flow’ better is uncountable… @_@

For example, in this chapter I had to change:

“I do not know about that. Rather, they might say,” You did well in beating down those inferior species! “, and get pleased”


“I don’t know about that, they’d more likely say ‘Good job beating down those inferior species!’ with smiles on their faces.”

The story was just so good, I forgot that English wasn’t Madao’s first language…

Well, anyways I’ll get to translating Blacksmith after I get the Re-hosted chapters ready…

and without further ado, you can read my re-edited version of chapter 24 HERE.


14 thoughts on “Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 24 (Re-edited + Image)

    1. Thanks for the *Re-edit* 😛

      I didn’t translate this one… I’m going to re-edit the other ones too, since its gonna kill me if I post them the way they are… >.<

      Still, ur welcome. :3


  1. If it’s a common thing couldn’t you just use a find and replace tool to change all do nots into don’s and all things like that in just one go with a replace all. Like read through find something, replace all, continue reading find another, replace all and so on. It may save you some time as you wouldn’t have to individually search for each time this happened and manually edit it.


    1. No, its not just punctuation. General grammar and other mistakes were everywhere. :/

      Just be a little patient, it’ll be REALLY EASY to get these chapters edited since they’re already in English. So I’ll be able to move onto translating soon. 😛


  2. I generally don’t like going through a story for a second time unless enough time has passed to let the memory of it dim, so I won’t read your edit now.
    Maybe later, after a few years.


  3. I always thought it was weird, because reading his stuff always felt very unnatural to me despite there being no big grammatical problems, but I’m guessing it was the lack of punctuations and the like that was the problem as shown in this post.

    Anyway, is there an estimate on how long it would take to re-edit all the chapters up to the last chapter Madao released? It might sound very selfish, but at this rate it’s seems like it’ll take a while and I really would like the story to continue :S


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