Death Flag Volume 2 Illustrations + NEWS

Hi, everybody! Kuro here! (^^)/

First of all, you can find the Volume 2 illustrations here.

The project page is up, and everything is set! This is actually going to have a few important updates, but if you don’t care about it I guess you can just look at the illustrations and leave. 😛

On a side note I am still looking for the LN illustrations for Blacksmith Volume 1 +2 and for Death Flag Volume 3. Can you guys please tell me if any of you find them? 🙂

So yeah, click below for the news:

First of all, Madao. I’ve actually emailed Madao before when he was still active, asking him if we could share the project, to which he politely refused, saying he wanted to work on it alone.

After checking my email again after some time, I was surprised to see Madao emailing me asking me if I wanted the project since I showed interest on it before- but that’s not important since the project is already mine anyways (I’m not sharing xD).

People have been wondering why he dropped, and honestly I wanted to know too but it looks like IRL is getting busy for him so he can’t translate the series anymore. Here’s what he wrote in his mail:

Second of all, I’ve been asked if I was going to re-host Madao’s work on my site, and my answer to that is, maybe.

I DO NOT believe it is fair to take someone else’s work like that, if you’ve seen the drama between Entruce and that other group for Kuro no Maou, you would know what I’m talking about. However, I am going to re-post the chapters that have the illustrations on them, so I can insert them in, and ONLY those chapters. I have mailed Madao about how he feels about the re-hosting and am currently waiting for his reply.

Third, if you look at the donation area you can see that I’ve set ‘Death Flag’ as 50$ per double-release. I believe that this is fair because Death Flag’s chapters are longer and more complicated than Blacksmith’s, but in return, I have reduced the amount per Blacksmith double-release from 40$ to 30$. I hope you all think that this is as fair as I do.

Also please remember to mention which series you’re donating to from now on, if you forget I will take your donation and split it evenly between the two projects. 😛

Lastly, as for my next update, expect it soon, as in today or tomorrow. Before I start posting Death Flag, I owe you guys 4 sponsored Blacksmith chapters, all released within 48 hours of each other. So after I get those out, I will start releasing Death Flag.

Thank you all for reading my work, and for continuing to visit my site during my summer vacation break.

and thank you Madao for all your hard work on Death Flag. I hope you find success in whatever is troubling you IRL. Your work will be dearly missed.


If you guys want a small spoiler/preview on Harold and Erika that’s going to happen soon look at this post I made on the forums a while back. :3


38 thoughts on “Death Flag Volume 2 Illustrations + NEWS

  1. Sad that Madao had to drop the series but thankfully he passed it off. After three months someone would have claimed it considering how good it is but that’s three months of waiting and worrying 😦

    Aanyways thank you for picking it up. Maybe your site is going to be focused on male lead otome reincarnation series 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Death Flag based off an RPG though. xD

      and no, I’m focusing on Villain/Villainess’s. I was actually thinking of doing a project with a Female protagonist after I finished with Blacksmith, but it looks like I’ll be busy for a little while. 😛


      1. Oooh, then, is there any chance you might consider Gomen nee, Onisama? Novelupdates listed it as only 27 chapters, shouldn’t be a big project.
        Its a shame Madao can’t continue. Wish him best of luck for his RL,


    1. Well its resolved now, but the Main Translator (Entruce) was inactive for quite a while, so a new translation group took it upon themselves to continue them.

      Entruce was upset about this, saying that he was JUST about to start TL’ing again when they posted it. In the end he ended up copy-pasting their chapters and posting them on his site WITHOUT their permission, even if he did give them credit at the end. They were pretty pissed about this, even calling him out with their next release. Idk what happened next, but it looks like they made peace for now.

      Seeing that, I’m not going to re-host anyone’s chapters (even if they stopped TL’ing) unless I have a valid reason or they gave me their permission first. They deserve the attention on their site for the work that they put in. 😛


      1. In my opinion you should put links to Madaos work in TOC, but also save the chapters he did but dont post them. This way if anything happens to his site you will have backups.


  2. I know it might be a bit tiresome, but would you be so kind to consider inserting the illustrations in the chapters they are depicting for your future posts?


  3. What is this drama in
    Kuro no Maou
    that you are talking about?
    I don’t read it, but I’m courious as to what type of drama is happening around it. 0.0


  4. Thank you for picking this up, this is one of my favourite novels, if not my favourite novel. I got to say, I was surprised seeing this as i had once before read translations on this site and am familiar with the site. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. …a-are you by chance from the Re:Master Magic era of my site?

      Let me just say that was NOT my best work, and I forever regret taking that project. My translations have improved WAY more since then… >.<


      1. Sorry for not replying earlier. I actually am from the Re:Master Magic era of your site, I think you’re being to hard on yourself as the translations for that project were actually pretty good. It made my day when i learned that you replied to my comment 🙂 Thanks.

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  5. oh my goodness! what a pleasant surprise. I haven’t checked up on the updates to this novel ever since it got dropped (sadly) and low and behold, the excitement returns! Thank you for continuing this novel. I can’t get enough of antihero protaganists 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I unno when exactly it was dropped. I assumed it was announced when he posted the last chapter (July 20) and haven’t really checked since the beginning of august :u
        Regardless, I’ll be breathing down your neck from now on for translations 🙂
        have fun~

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