GOOD NEWS + BETTER NEWS + EVEN BETTER NEWS!!!! …and a little bit of sad news.

Good News:
First of all, I’m back! I just recently got back from my family’s FINAL trip this summer, (we went out like 6 times in total 😛 ) so translation speed should finally pick up.

Better News:
Second of all, Blacksmith has released its second light novel! and with its release, the author decided to continue the webnovel! 😀

I thought it had ended, but it turns out it didn’t! Blacksmith isn’t ending anytime soon people!

EVEN BETTER NEWS!!!!! + sad news.
Madao has dropped Shibou Flag, or ‘My Death Flags show no sign of ending’, one of my favourite novels…

Check out the official drop announcement [[[HERE]]]


The project I wanted for so long is finally mine!!!! I’m sorry for breaking my promise of only one project at a time, but I can’t pass this chance up! I know someone else would take it if I didn’t act right away!

So… Yeah! Expect some chapters of both Blacksmith + Shibou Flag, soon! 😀


45 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS + BETTER NEWS + EVEN BETTER NEWS!!!! …and a little bit of sad news.

      1. haha~ XD! I didn’t even think that the harem end is possible… it’s just far from my image of the novel itself, I can’t imagine it, lol.

        I’m just thinking of the difference depending on whom he will really be together with :). And!! both sides has its unique charm ^^


        1. Most of the readers are currently in the Eliza-ship, but I think that’s because Iris is just too perfect. Too sweet, too nice. You can’t connect with her as well as you could Eliza after her secret was found out.

          That’s why I can’t wait to see the moment when Iris finally ‘snaps’ from the pressure, the moment where she finally lets loose all the tears she’s held in, all the bad thoughts she’s kept behind that smiling mask. I want to see the side of her that will break our hearts and make us all fall in love with her in an heartbeat.

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          1. Agh~! You made me deeply look forward to that! haha~ XD!
            And it’s true, the character of Iris is too perfect that empathizing isn’t going anywhere, it actually tire me out thinking there’s someone like her. Seeing her get loose will be worth it all, lol 🙂

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  1. Hmm bad news?
    I should thank you instead.
    taking up a new project is not only means more to translate, it means you’ve more responsebilities on your person to deal with (which means that you’re earned more respect and gratefullnes from me, a simple leech)
    So congratulations with returning to translations.
    but i’ve got just 2 small questions
    1) did you have a great summer break?
    And 2) are you also posting the previous chapters of Shibou Flag on this site?
    Now that my questions are asked/typt, i thank you for picking up a new series(which means another novel i can spend time on, and yes, i did not know of this tittle) and i wish you good luck in translating it.
    greetings from a small village in the netherlands


    1. Yuss I did have a good summer vacation~
      I ended up traveling to places like Disneyland California, and a hotsprings area, and a bunch of other cool places this summer.
      It was fun, but it was non-stop so I was dead tired at the end of it all.
      As for ur second question, no. Like how I did with psicerns translations I will make links directly to their site, for the readers to read. I’m not going to take views for the work someone else did.


  2. Yuss! Finally, my third favorite series was picked up once more. (After World of Cultivation and the lovely story about a demon girl which I liked enough to pick up translating.)

    Also yuss, my fourth favorite series is continuing, so keep up the good work. I know how frustrating things can get when life gets in the way of staring at raws.


  3. This is what I get for having to work! I wanted Death Flag from the beginning but was a week late to pick it up. Now I’m a few hours late to pick it up when it’s dropped (Flips a table) Sloth I will be watching you waiting for my chance to strike. You’d best sleep with on eye on Death Flag

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