Blacksmith Chapter 41 PREVIEW + message

Hey guys, sorry for not updating on Sunday like I said. Truth is, I wasn’t stockpiling. I just panicked and said that on the spur of the moment to buy time…

Sorry, I hope you can forgive me. >.<

Its just… its summer vacation you know? I’ve been busy IRL just fooling around, and as much as I love TL’ing for you guys, I also love playing videogames, hanging out with friends, going camping, and being the one who reads the novels instead of TL’ing them. 😛

I just want to confirm I DID NOT drop blacksmith. I’m actually working on the chapter right now. I’m just releasing this early because I think you guys just want some info from me right now…

Thank you so much for staying faithful and re-visiting the site during my absense, but now I’m back and you’ll get the rest of the chapter in a couple hours. 😉

Oh and btw, technically with the five chapters I released in that one week before I’m still two weeks ahead of schedule. (no, not really but still) xD

You can read the preview Down there:

Page 1

The water from the stream was very clear.

Despite the summer heat, the water flowing out of the forest was really cold.

I could see wet rocks shining in the distance, the water on them having not evaporated.


The horse-drawn carriage was currently parked beside it.

After taking off my shoes, I stepped into the water to try it out.

As I thought, it’s cold. Currently it’s around two in the afternoon, meaning it’s the hottest time of the day, but that just makes the cold water feel even better.


Ah~ I’m finally back home. A feeling that was both beautiful and natural swept over me.

Looking around, the land was gradually turning more green, making it even more beautiful.

“This is the Helan territory.”

Iris descended from the carriage shortly after, and took in the view with her mouth agape. Vaine could be described the same way.


“The water’s so clear! Kya! And It’s cold too!”

Iris stepped into the stream while saying so.

“This looks like a good fishing spot.” Vaine pointed out with a slightly different perspective, well, I can’t say he’s wrong though.

In the stream you could see a few fish swimming here and there.  


I cupped a bit of water into my hands and drank it without hesitation.

A cool feeling immediately flushed throughout my body. Natural water sure is refreshing.

The other two drank some themselves after watching me.

“Its great!” “This is good water.”

For some reason their happy faces made me smile, almost unwillingly so.


“Ah, welcome to the Helan Territory!”


27 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 41 PREVIEW + message

  1. Frankly, you probably coulda just said you wanted to have a bit of a break. I think we’re all mature enough to understand that you aren’t actually obligated to translate for us day and night. S’all good on my end at least. Hope ya have some fun with whatever you’re doing!

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    1. Honestly… I didn’t even plan on taking a break. I was going to release another chapter after ch.40, and then I started reading ‘Tensei Oujo’, and stopped for a day thinking it was fine and that I’d be back the day after…

      Then a day turned into two, then two turned into a week, and then a week turned into three. :/

      I didn’t expect to start having a break either until it just… happened. I expect this is what happens with most TL’s when they disappear for a while…

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        1. I’ll try to remember that next time, and in my defense unlike other translators I still replied to the comments that were posted after I stopped translating. 😛

          I try to keep in touch with you guys, even when I’m acting all sloth-like and lazy.


  2. Don’t worry about the small stuff~
    As you said, it’s summer vacation.
    Just enjoy your time, and do whatever you want.
    And after you’ve had a blast and school starts again, you can start again with translating.
    Because you’re also just a human like the rest of us leeches, who spam your site at a daily basis.
    and thank you for this update, now i can ease my reading urge once more.
    I wish you a great summer break, and have a blast, will you?
    Greetings from a dutch leech, whom you never get rid off XP

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    1. I was replaying some series that I hadn’t played in a while, kingdom hearts, persona 3&4.
      Did it because their sequels are finally being released. 😛

      Currently though I’m saving up for FF15


  3. Fuu’yeah!!!

    A new Chapter (preview)~
    All’s good, taking a break and such. Actually, I’m taking a break as well from things~ And as usual, I wake up, open my phone and check all the translator sites (non copiers) I bookmarked for updates~

    Now that you showed a preview, I can’t help being exited~

    You had your summer fun, so now it’s time for translating fun! MUHUWAHAHAH

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  4. Well, it’s actually something I’ve been waiting for, I mean you going on a break, lol.
    ‘Cause with you frequently updating, I’ve come to think of “I wonder just when will he have a break”, does he even get a break? something like that, lol.

    Sooo~! Good Work ^^. We’ll just enjoy as we always do.

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  5. Saving up for FF15 sounds great. I will throw 5 bucks your way just so you can reserve your copy. lol
    I was more of a concert guy during my summers, sure I played plenty of video games but nothing really compared to hitting up the music venues during my youth. XD


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