Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 37

Hey Guys~ (^^)/

Welp, I hate re-editing chapters, you guys hate re-reading chapters you’ve already read before, so what should I do?

SIMPLE! I just give up editing and just go straight to translating the next chapter! YAY!!! o(≧∇≦o)

I’ll just finish editing those when I feel like it, but I still added them to the ToC though.

Anyways, there are a few changes between  Madao’s and my translations, for example:

Aileen -> Irene 

I know how much you guys like her name, but I believe Irene is the correct translation for her name, so I’m sticking with it.

I’m going to try and get some Blacksmith chapters out today as well, but actions speak louder than words so wish me luck! I’m only a sloth after all. xD

You can now read the next chapter [HERE]

EDIT: Can somebody actually help me with this line for Blacksmith? Its a Doraemon reference but I never really watched Doraemon so it actually really confuses me… @_@




My Translation:

Just like when ___-kun came back from school. That is to say, whether I become a giant blue Tanuki from Dora*mon or not!
Hey! Who the hell is living a double-life here?!

Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 24 (Re-edited + Image)

Hey guys…

First of all, I’d like to happily announce that Madao gave his permission for re-hosting the image chapters but…

Why the hell am I re-editing a posted chapter?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I know I’m supposed to be working on Blacksmith, but I didn’t expect this…

I was prepping the chapter for re-hosting with images, and then I saw some grammar mistakes, and before I knew it, an hour had passed of me editing. O.o

Stupid OCD…

I never realised how much Madao never used punctuation before…

The number of times I’ve had to change ‘do not’ into ‘don’t’ or ‘was not’ into ‘wasn’t’ to make the sentence ‘flow’ better is uncountable… @_@

For example, in this chapter I had to change:

“I do not know about that. Rather, they might say,” You did well in beating down those inferior species! “, and get pleased”


“I don’t know about that, they’d more likely say ‘Good job beating down those inferior species!’ with smiles on their faces.”

The story was just so good, I forgot that English wasn’t Madao’s first language…

Well, anyways I’ll get to translating Blacksmith after I get the Re-hosted chapters ready…

and without further ado, you can read my re-edited version of chapter 24 HERE.

Death Flag Volume 2 Illustrations + NEWS

Hi, everybody! Kuro here! (^^)/

First of all, you can find the Volume 2 illustrations here.

The project page is up, and everything is set! This is actually going to have a few important updates, but if you don’t care about it I guess you can just look at the illustrations and leave. 😛

On a side note I am still looking for the LN illustrations for Blacksmith Volume 1 +2 and for Death Flag Volume 3. Can you guys please tell me if any of you find them? 🙂

So yeah, click below for the news:

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GOOD NEWS + BETTER NEWS + EVEN BETTER NEWS!!!! …and a little bit of sad news.

Good News:
First of all, I’m back! I just recently got back from my family’s FINAL trip this summer, (we went out like 6 times in total 😛 ) so translation speed should finally pick up.

Better News:
Second of all, Blacksmith has released its second light novel! and with its release, the author decided to continue the webnovel! 😀

I thought it had ended, but it turns out it didn’t! Blacksmith isn’t ending anytime soon people!

EVEN BETTER NEWS!!!!! + sad news.
Madao has dropped Shibou Flag, or ‘My Death Flags show no sign of ending’, one of my favourite novels…

Check out the official drop announcement [[[HERE]]]


The project I wanted for so long is finally mine!!!! I’m sorry for breaking my promise of only one project at a time, but I can’t pass this chance up! I know someone else would take it if I didn’t act right away!

So… Yeah! Expect some chapters of both Blacksmith + Shibou Flag, soon! 😀

Blacksmith Chapter 41 (About time right?)

Hey guys, here’s the chapter I owe you. 😛

Apparently when I say a ‘few hours’ I mean 22 hours before I follow through lol

Well, I’m only a sloth after all. I’m still plagued with a large amount of lethargy.

Also, I’ve changed my translation style. You see before I would translate sound effects literally, but it’s been bugging me for a while now.

So now instead of:

At that moment, *Chapon!* (sfx: splash)

I’ll write

At that moment there was a splash!

So give me a break if the translations don’t match up exactly as they should during those moments.

Anyways without further ado, you can read the next chapter here.