Blacksmith Chapter 40

Hey guys, here’s the last chapter of Volume 2! Now there’s only one volume left in this series!

Well, that’s all I have to say so… you can read the next chapter here.

The Hero-Princess has returned!!! 😀

49 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 40

        1. Oh, lol

          So that’s what you meant, I see.

          Hmm… maybe I should start thinking about what series I should translate next? At this rate, blacksmith might finish in 2-3 weeks. :/


            1. Do you know that the first one you mentioned is chinesse? and the second one is a list of battles and nothing else?….I won’t critizice your tastes in novels but…


          1. Ahahahah now, i can understand why you make us wait ahahahah
            You don’t want that this serie finish too quickly !
            Hoping that you are fine and take nice time if you are in holidays.
            Give us some news to help us to be patient 🙂
            Take care and thank you for your hard work here.

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              1. Don’t worry about that 🙂
                We all have a real life, I hope so.
                We can all understand you, I hope so too.
                It was more or less a little joke.
                We are just happy to read you, and if we complain, it’s because your work is so good and we are waiting our drug :p

                So as sloth too, i ll take a nap


  1. You know, I’ve been reading this for a while and just began to wonder, isn’t the MC’s name transliterated into Kelly? It’s a western setting, and his name is extremely odd…

    Kelly can be a man’s name… Kelli?


    1. Not really,

      クルリ = Kururi
      ク(Ku), ル(Ru), リ(Ri)

      If his name really was Kelly, or Kelli the author would put in this Katakana instead:

      ケリー = Kelly/Kelli

      So… yeah, I’m pretty sure its Kururi. 😛


    1. Sorry, there was supposed to be one, but around the time I usually start translating, I found a new series to read I just couldn’t stop xD

      Yeah I’m going to take today off, but you’ll get one tomorrow though! Probably, I’m only a sloth after all.

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  2. Started on the “mage” series and came for this one as well. Your “sloth” dialog toward the begnning was pretty funny. Sorry you aren’t the first sloth translations out there, lol.

    Thanks for the translations. I look forward to each release.

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      1. Lol, i though you where wisked away by the overlords of sloth and you honorable sister for a while out of the country to have some cuality time in the sun at the beach
        (Which, if it was like that, you actually deserve after translating for so long)
        anyway, have a nice day dude
        read you soon


        1. I was for a little while, I had to live in the mountains for about 4 days or so…

          No wifi, no showers, no AC, no showers, no bed (only a foam mat + sleeping bag), no showers…

          I’m more of an indoor person… 😛

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          1. Well, quality time with family is also important.
            but being outdoors is still good for you (even if your an indoor person)
            My vacation i had to make a pont with my parents for a lot of koi carpers that we got as a gift from friend who are going to move to a different village
            and they didn’t want the koi to stay with people they didn’t know.
            now 3 weeks later,our new fish ppnd is finished and the koi are swimming merily around in it.
            it took an insane lot of time (digging, a lot of digging, then all the other miscilenious stuff also needed for making a pond, a pond and then transfering the koi’s to our house which took 3 trips of 45 min.)
            What i try to say is, i’m pooped after my vacation. (Technicly i have 3 days left)
            but i didn’t have much time to do something else but have quality time with my family outdoors.
            which is the important part of it (and i’m also an indoors person)
            So i hope the camping was a lot of fun.
            and thank you for even replying to my reply.
            And keep up your amazing work you’ve done so far.
            greetings from a dutch leech you’ll never get rid of 😂


  3. Masita~ can you pls tell this lowly one roughly when you’ll do a mass release? If this lowly one keeps coming back anymore to find no new chappys this lowly one might cease to exist~


          1. When i saw that mischivious comment, and the comments after it, i coudn’t stop laughing!(X:::D)
            well, as the saying goes, patience is key.
            i will look dayly for an update, and will look with pleasure at comments like those koroi 😂
            have a nice day everyone


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