Blacksmith Chapter 39

Hey guys~

Here’s your sponsored double-release for the day! Sponsored by Toan N, Jorge D, and Wanfai! Thank you so much for the support.

I have to admit, I did not expect what happened in the comments last chapter at all. First time a chapter had ever created such an uproar. I don’t really mind you guys giving your opinions as long as they’re constructive, but can I ask you guys to turn it down with the profanity? I don’t really like swears (maybe one here or there is okay), but some of the comments were so bad I actually had to scrap them. :/

Well, anyways this is pretty much the last chapter of Volume 2, the next one is a side POV chapter featuring your favourite princess, so get your hype ready for it! 😀

Anyways, you can now read the next chapter here.

See you guys tomorrow!


19 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 39

    1. No, just my social life. (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) LOL
      Just goes to show how much free time I have over the summer, and how much I really wanted to improve my translations for you guys.


  1. Our princess!? Yay ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

    See you tomorrow too…..

    … eh, there is will be another release tomorrow!? Sloth-kun is not sloth anymore! ╰( º∀º )╯


            1. Oh, wow I can’t believe you actually found that lol O_o

              Even I’ve forgotten about that…

              I actually created that quite a while ago when I first started digital art. I thought about posting more on it but never got around to it. :/

              I guess its because I’m still not very confident in my art that its stayed empty all this time. Oh, but yeah I lived in Canada before, though I’ve already moved since then so not anymore. Its a bit outdated.


              1. Eeeh~ I sorta liked the art at the end of some of the chapters though~ (favorite:

                How much can you read without relying on MTL? You probably know a good amount of kanji already right? I want to try MTLing my favorite web novels but afraid that doing say might hinder my learning of vocab and stuff . . . O_O How much Japanese did you know before you began MTLing?

                Sorry for asking so many questions~ forgive me . . . [I guess AdSense doesn’t accept translation sites?]


                  1. I can read a bit, but not that much though, I’m still learning myself lol

                    I know a bit of kanji, but I read that if you want to at least be able to read a japanese newspaper without problems you need to know at least 2000 different characters. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m at that point yet xD

                    Most of my pre-known knowledge of japanese is just second-hand from the conversations the overlord had with my grandma all the time since Japanese was their first language. Like when you listen to something long enough, and you begin to pick it up yourself kind of thing.

                    I don’t think it’ll hinder your growth. Translate what you can, but when you get stuck, use programs and dictionaries to help you out. Then take note of the characters used, so that they won’t confuse you next time. Simple as that, rather than impeding it, I think its more like a teacher you can ask the answers for when you’re stuck. You just need to make sure you’re not completely relying on it, so you can work to improve yourself.

                    and as to whether I’ve read it or not. Well, I started it, but seeing that Krytyk wasn’t going to finish it I dropped it after the first chapter, since I’d rather not torture myself with a story that wouldn’t be completed. :/

                    Hopefully that answers them all. Oh, and you really liked it? Thanks! Maybe I’ll draw something up again soon, if I’m not busy.

                    Oh, and good luck with your MTL, send me a link once you start and I’ll check it out! 😀


                    1. Mmmm~ it’s been an honor to receive such a wholesome reply from Mr./Mrs. Kuro . . . but “overlord”? Like your rent keeper or something? The first time heard overlord was from a certain novel . . . well whatever. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you for answering my questions and stuff 🙂


                  2. Its been a running joke that whenever I refer to the ‘overlord’ I’m talking about my dad.

                    So yeah, overlord = my dad. 😛

                    Though he is going to start charging me rent to live with him once summer finishes now that I’m out of highschool, so I guess you can call him my land-lord. lol


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