Blacksmith Chapter 37

Hey guys~ ( ・ω・)ノ

Here’s your one required chapter this week!

Sorry, I wanted to do the double release today, but I was kinda busy. It didn’t help that this was the longest chapter I’ve translated so far…

Yeah, you’ll probably get ur double release tomorrow.

And without further ado you can read the next chapter here.


5 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 37

    1. I loved that movie!
      Unfortunately no. I wish I was. xD
      and am I really that fast? Compared to TLs like Ziru (7 chapters in a day) and Entruce (5 chapters in a day) I’m seriously slow you know? :/


    1. Thanks! I had my friend make it for me, since she’s created a few logo’s before for youtube channels.
      Though I had to pay her 10$ and buy her lunch before she would stop procrastinating xD


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