Blacksmith Chapter 34

Hey guys, here’s your one required chapter this week.

Sorry, I disappeared again… and right after I said the translation speed would pick up too…

Was dragged off camping by the overlord last Wednesday (weird I know, who decides to go on vacation in the middle of the week? …Don’t answer that.) , but I actually got back Monday.

I don’t know. I guess I was in a slump, I just couldn’t find any motivation to translate or draw…

Oh well, I’m back now! And hopefully this time to stay!

Another chapter is coming later today!

Without further ado, you can read the chapter here.


Did you know the web novel is being translated in Spanish now?! Currently they’re only at chapter 3, but this is pretty cool! Check it out here.

10 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 34

  1. Not the only one that got dragged off somewhere in the middle of the week.

    Was forced to go to anime expo for my sister because noone would go with her. Enjoyed going but 4 days of a sea of people, not exactly enjoyable.


  2. Lol, i hope you had a great time camping with the overlords of sloth.
    and don’t worry about the translating speed, just upload the translated chapters when you see fit, evem of i’m checking every day for an update, i still think that you’re doing a great job in translating.
    so take as much of those small breaks as you need, because spending time with your family comes before your translation work
    And i hope you had a great time!
    greetings from a dutch leech of your translation site.
    P.s. i almost forgot the most important thing of my reply 😱
    and that is the following:
    thank you for your hard work and the new chapter!

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  3. Woot! Hope you had fun getting back in touch with nature. Maybe even fished your own meal over the week. Anyway Thanks for the chapter, don’t worry about the little stuff and do what you want.

    Liked by 1 person

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