Blacksmith Chapter 32

Hey guys~

Here’s your one scheduled chapter a week.

Sorry I’ve been inactive for the past few days. Math exam + switching internet providers + celebrating the end of school has really kept this chapter from coming out sooner. Well, I am a sloth after all~

At the very least, now that that’s all done you can now expect my translation speed to pick up again! o(≧∇≦o) Yay!!

Btw, due to request more illustrations of Neko-sensei are on their way, and luckily this chapter fits perfectly for more material! ( ̄ω ̄)

…Dirty kitty. Make sure to take your ero-glasses off before you read the chapter.  >///<

And without further ado, you can read the next chapter here.

PS: If you guys want to know more about me (a sloth) I recommend reading this manga here. xD



19 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 32

  1. I hope it’s only my web browser but the manga link does not work!
    Or rather doesn’t find it

    Regards b51015


  2. It’s a shame you gave a link. I wouldn’t visit that site if you paid me.
    Thanks for the chapter.


  3. Interested in what manga you linked to, but since is such a whopping pile of shit…
    That aside.
    Thank you very much for the translations.


    1. No, problem, its my hobby afterall lol

      Just curious, but why does everyone hate so much?

      I actually quite like it, you can create a reading list, and every release they do also refers to the original group that scanlated the chapter so that its easier to get to their sites, and they also respect sites that say “We don’t allow sharing/this series is licensed” and take down chapters like that. 😛

      They even pay the scanlators that allow them to with the ad revenue the make while other sites just take them and sell them without permission.

      Other than the time it takes to load the pages sometimes, I don’t really see what’s wrong with it. :/


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