Blacksmith Chapter 31

Hey guys~!



Also, I got my braces removed today! After 3 years! This day just keeps getting better and better!

…and then I remember I have a math exam tomorrow. ヽ(゚□゚\*≡*/゚□゚)ノ

I’m not procrastinating my studies at all! I swear!

Well… maybe a little… >///<

But anyways, yeah, this chapter is sponsored by Brandon P. Thanks for the support!

You can read the next chapter here.


8 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 31

  1. Woot! thanks for the chapter, and Brandon P. for donating. I dont remember having to study for math so you should be fine… well maybe memorizing formulas ah w/e get aim for mediocrity so the Overlord is pleased.

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  2. yay, congratulations! Now you can advance our science with those 1M sloths! Science is parallel with Lazyness after all!
    hey, i’ll teach you a way to help in math exam:
    – right before entering class, memorize formulas as much as you can
    – after entering and get some answer sheet, write down as much as formulas you can remember with a pencil (don’t read the questions first, or you will forgot the formulas)
    – don’t forget to erase them later,.

    there you go, you can work with the temp copy of your notes. this not counted as cheating, because you just write down what you remember, not copying the notes.

    Good luck with your exam!

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