Blacksmith Chapter 28

8/8 owed chapters done! YAY!!! I’m finally caught up!!! 😀

Hey guys… Tell me, why does there have to be such a thing as written exams?! T^T I hate them so much…

Oh well, anyways I’m still not done the illustrations, I’m only a sloth after all. They’ll come later, though.

This chapter is brought to you by Anon-kun and Gantz! Thanks for the support!

EDIT: Sorry! I forgot to turn on the comments for the page! Now it should work! >.<

You can read the next chapter here.

PS: Did you guys know now we’re 50% done the series now? :3



16 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 28

  1. why can’t i read this chap? is there any argument that i hv to meet before i can read it T_T

    i’m reading using iphone thought 🤔🤔😢


  2. Why theres a need for a written exam? Because you will need to fill questionare when you apply for work :). So written exam is to prepare you for that. Good job translating this chapter 🙂


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