Announcement/Status Update (Not a chapter, srry)

*Starts playing dramatic music~*

Let it be known, that on this day this land(domain) is now ours! A land solely for the sloths! \(‘^’)/

*Places flag into the ground*

Long live sloth trans~!

Hey guys, as you can see I’ve bought the domain name πŸ˜€ It took a while but I finally convinced the overlord to let me use his card.

Oh and sorry about all of the drama I’ve been putting you guys through, the blood kind of rushed to my head and before I knew it, everything just blew out of proportions. Despite my claims, all I’ve done is give them publicity which has probably helped them instead… Yeah, there will always be people out there who steal the work, and the plug-ins wouldn’t even work if they were at least a little smart. I can’t say I’m okay with it, but after checking their site again, I realized that the amount actually visiting was nothing to be worried about.

I mean, if those people continue to go to sites like even though they know what they’re doing, then who needs readers like that? I always have you guys right?

Sorry, despite the occasion there probably won’t be a new chapter today, I’m busy cramming. @_@ But I’ll get you guys some illustrations out with my next post since you guys seem to like them.

Thanks again for reading,


19 thoughts on “Announcement/Status Update (Not a chapter, srry)

  1. Well true those guys are just trash of the “translation” scene taking the translation of other siteΒ΄s [and claiming it as their own?] those kind of sites should just be attacked till they don’t dare to appear again

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  2. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Sorry for being dump, but will your chapter continue to be show up on my wordpress follow site feed??? It happen for raisingtgedeath and it sadden me that I miss quite a bit of chapter 😒😒😒


        1. Half still appears on my WordPress follow site feed. Of course I also entered the new site’s address manually into the follow page.
          I have a few non WordPress sites in my follow list by entering their address manually. It’s not perfect, depending on how compatible they are with WordPress, you might receive only half the feed.

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  3. yeah… one advise I got from the others was to just put your name/links in the page breaks… (like oniichan yamete, puts *imouto*) so even if the guy plans to delete them, at least it would be a little harder


  4. If you’re talking about r***l****n****.com then yeah they are a bunch of scumbags who steals every translation they could find. But I found some ways to stop them from stealing, as they are all lazy they will only copy a chapter that is in a text format even the one from the source code is no exception but when t chapter is for example in a jpg format thew wont bother to steal it as they are too lazy to type every single letter they want to snatch away.

    they already snatched Prologue to Ch5 of Cheat Majutsu from my site but when I did is to all chapters “Samle:” non of my translation were snatched again, downside is some readers specially mobile users were bothered by the format, I’m looking for some other similar method and I will spread it to other translators if it becomes practical to use. You’re also free to try my current by using

    And also congrats on the new domain.

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  5. congrats for the new domain!!!
    that’s right! you still have us, your loyal reader!!!
    don’t bother with them because that just make you sad and we will worry about you too!!

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  6. Congratulations with your domain!
    i’m glad you finally convinced o e of the overlords of sloths for permision to use the card
    (Lol, your nickname for your parents that you gave them is still bloody genius)
    and good luck with cramming for the upcomming exams and the exams themselfes.
    have a nice day kuroi ( -_-)7

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  7. Woot!
    Congrats on convincing the Overlord!
    I will show some love on Friday, even if its Father’s Day this weekend, I already took care of the gift.
    Hope your studies go well and don’t mind the trash, it will always pile up somewhere on the net.

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