Blacksmith Chapter 26

6/8 owed chapters done.

Hey guys, I’m going to be a serious sloth today. I know I can’t do anything about it, but please, can you not copy-paste my translations and just post them on other sites? Even if Psicern gave you permission for his translations, please don’t do so with mine. Reading on this site is a form of support in itself, so I’d really appreciate it if you do.

I’ve updated the FAQ so check it out when you have the time.

Okay~ Serious sloth mode off~!

Oh and here’s that illustration some of you guys asked for! …It didn’t turn out as well as I would’ve liked though… :/


and without further ado you can read the next chapter here.


16 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 26

  1. Lol, just take your time with being lazy (which can only be natural, looking at the fact thar you’re a sloth haha)
    And thank you for your hard work and the new chapter
    and seriously, your drawing is nicely done, hopefully you will post more of them once in a while.
    now then, i’m of to the world called reading
    Matta na~
    ( ^-^)//

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    1. Yeah there is, but its a plugin. I actually didn’t want to do that so that people could make comments about certain sections easier. Like ‘hey, you made a typo here: (insert text where the typo is) (insert correction)’, so I wanted to avoid it if possible, so I left the message… Unfortunately the site that I found that was taking my work continued even after I messaged them and made this post… so… 😦


      1. Damn bastards are taking credit for someone else’s hard work. The plugin is a drag however if it makes it more difficult for others to steal your work go for it. You provide us with an escape and should get more page visits. $%#* Poachers

        Thanks for the chapter.

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