Blacksmith Chapter 25

5/7 owed chapters done.

Fuu~ I finally reached my goal so I could buy my domain name, but apparently you need to register a credit card with paypal before you can use the money in it…

What the heck?! That’s the whole reason I turned to paypal in the first place! I’m 17! I don’t have a credit card! And When I asked the sloth overlord (my dad) if I could use his, he refused. It looks like he’ll let me register one though, but it might be a while before our next trip to the bank…

Don’t worry sloths, I shall claim this land(Domain) as our own one day, and remember to keep sending in those donations if you can, they really help with motivation. 😉

Anyways, this was BY FAR the most fun and refreshing chapter I’ve translated in the series so far. 😀

Oh, and this chapter has been sponsored by, Gantz, and Gui! Thank you for your support!

Now then, you can read the next chapter here.

Ps. She went. :3


7 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 25

  1. Can you try a gift cart instead? I set up my PSN account that way. U just need to upload only a certain amount for the card to be active and then empty it later. Only cause a few buck for the add purchase


  2. Hey, I’m not sure of the details myself, but I think you can get a free “.tk” domain? Just saying in case you weren’t aware. Thanks for the TL btw.


  3. it’s better to use debit card rather than credit card for the paypal just choose bank account. well if you can pay the credit card each month then it’s okay as long as you have good income since credit card mean the bank give you money in form of debt. well correct me if i’m wrong


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