Blacksmith Chapter 24

4/7 owed chapters done.

Yay~ I’m caught up with the schedule~ Now I just need to get the bonus chapters out.

This chapter’s a short one, but its quite interesting. You can read it here.

See you guys tomorrow! Though try not to get ur hopes up, I’m only a sloth after all. 😛


6 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 24

      1. Its gratitude. I like the story and appreciate all the effort you put into the translation. Especially when you have to make time for it while dealing with rl. I for one come home spent after work and don’t really put any time into activities unless its the weekend. Monday-Friday its the grind… come home unwind with some WN/LN while wishing for the weekend. So anything awesome translators put out during the week really hits the spot for me.

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    1. Fixed it w/ my magic sloth powers. 😀

      Thanks for reading! It really makes me happy knowing that the time I put into translating isn’t going to waste here with reader’s like you enjoying it.

      Oh, and I never MEANT to be lazy, I was fast when I first started in January too, but that was during winter break. While this time I’m translating while balancing school and stuff while the chapters are longer than Re:Master Magic. I just got busy, that’s all. I’m trying my best to get my speed back though. xD


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