Blacksmith Chapter 22

2/6 owed chapters done.

Hey guys I just want to say that to those who said ‘Happy Birthday’ and stuff in the comments my sister was delighted about it, even if she didn’t know you guys. In fact I think that’s what made it ‘cool’ lol

Unfortunately I won’t be able to post her picture since she didn’t want to, so you’ll have to make do with this avatar of her that I drew instead (She likes dogs if you haven’t noticed):

Yumiko Sketch

Anyways you can read the next chapter here.

Thanks again for reading you guys!


14 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 22

  1. Hufufu, Kuro, that’s just great! I mean, your drawing skills are top notch, and I’m not really fond of the third dimension, so it turned out just perfect!
    Now please draw Yumiko-chan in her school uniform. In シュピッのポーズ preferably!

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  2. Your imouto is smart, don’t want any weirdos stalking her or you. And that’s a really good drawing, almost on the level of a 4-koma Manga artist. And happy late b-day to her.

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