Blacksmith Chapter 33

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I’m pretty sure the site fits, and I’ve only translated web-novels so far, no light novels that have been published and copyrighted. So… yeah? Does anyone have any advice? Like a goal that I can work towards? Like, ‘You need 100 pages made, before applying again.’ or something?

I don’t really want to apply again and embarrass myself for not fulfilling the requirements.

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Blacksmith Chapter 32

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Blacksmith Chapter 31

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Blacksmith Chapter 30

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Oh, and here’s the illustration of Neko-sensei(human form) that you guys asked for!

Neko-sensei sketch

…unfortunately as much as I’d like to say this was an original, I took the pose from another photo and drew my character instead… (That’s why the hands look good) T^T

But oh well, it looks nice right?

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Blacksmith Chapter 29

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Blacksmith Chapter 28

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I mean, if those people continue to go to sites like even though they know what they’re doing, then who needs readers like that? I always have you guys right?

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