Blacksmith chapter 20

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YUSS!!! I made it! 3 chapters this week! And the end of Volume 1! Hopefully that makes up for missing last week. >.<

<<<HERE>>>‘s the chapter …and unfortunately its another POV chapter. GIVE US MORE KURURI DANGIT!!!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Warning:This chapter is a cringe-fest, brace yourself. O_o

Rahsa -> Lasa. (idk I like it better, but I’ll change it back if it bugs enough people.)

and remember ‘Nii-san’ = Arc(The first prince), while ‘Aniki’ = Kururi

Oh yeah before I do anything else, are any of you guys planning to go to Japan soon? A friend of mine (Kind of like an older brother to me) just started a tour guide business in Akihabara.

So if you’re interested check out his site. (…and give him a break, he hasn’t hired someone to help with web design yet.)

Blacksmith Chapter 19

Hey guys! Here’s the chapter meant for this week, yay! Now only one more chapter until the end of volume 1! Let’s see if I can get it out before the end of the week! Don’t get ur hopes up though, I’m only a sloth after all.

Lets see anything else? Oh yeah here‘s the chapter. 🙂 (Heads up! its from another character’s POV again, just so you know.)

エレノワール学園 -> Erenaoru Gakuen -> Elenoire Academy.


Blacksmith chapter 18

AWA((゜゜дд゜゜ ))WAWA!!

I’m behind schedule! Sorry, I’m only a sloth! I can only do so much with grad coming! I’ll try to get multiple chapters out this week to make up for last week!

Oh yeah, I finally got the donation button working too, I feel like an idiot for not being able to make it work the first time 😛

Anyways here is your new chapter. 😀

Blacksmith Chapter 17

Hey guys after looking at the raws again I realized I got some things wrong.

>.< Srry about that, I’m only a sloth afterall.

クロッシ・アッミラーレ -> Kurosshi Ammirare (By google trans)

After looking at it again, I decided to change it to either “Crossy/Crossi Ammirale” <- which one is better?

Hey do you guys remember which chapter he appeared? I forget.

On a completely unrelated note I found out the ‘rooms’ they lived in could actually be translated as ‘apartments’ after looking up the characters, ‘room’ was just the default google trans.(It really bugged me how many facilities and stuff they all had in one dorm ‘room’) Anyways I’m actually considering re-translating the first 15 chapters since I don’t know what else might’ve been misinterpreted and it kinda bugs me.

Big words coming from a sloth who’s still studying japanese and uses google and online dictionaries for help right? What do you guys think? Should I go back and re-do them? Would you still read those? or just plow through and maybe do them after everything else is done?

Oh well, you can read chapter 17 here.

Blacksmith Chapter 16

First chapter back! With this, I’m officially out of Hiatus!

Due to an overwhelming win of 3:1, the project I’m finishing first is Blacksmith~ Yay~!

You can read the first chapter here.

(EDIT): Well, err… not the first-first chapter but MY first chapter lol srry if there was any confusion.