Re:Master Magic 13 Boss Fight

Here’s today’s REAL chapter.

Just move along now~

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Re:Master Magic 12 Hoarding


…I might’ve spoken too soon xD in my last post, this chap is a bit longer than how they usually are. Having some trouble with wordpress, putting on a donation button confuses me. :/

Trying out a new posting format, making the page first then linking the post to it. Nvm… I don’t like it… >.<

Again, sorry for the late release, I’ve recently started ‘Tales of Demons and Gods’ and I just can’t stop…

This one’s for the 15th, today’s chapter will come soon.

Yeah short rant today, here’s the chapter:

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Re:Master Magic 11 Scroll

Me: There are images?

Ziru: There are images.

Me: *checks*…OMG THERE ARE IMAGES!!!

*I smacked myself* O_O Wow! I didn’t even realize there were illustrations with some of the chapters! Well, at least now I’ll make sure to add them in, oh and do you guys want the images set as ‘featured images’ where you can see them (like on the front page)without actually going into the chapters, or not?

Special shout out to Ziru for telling me about them!

Oh sorry its a little late today, I just couldn’t get into the ‘mood’ for translating for some reason… It didn’t help that there was a weird part here that made me feel a bit… itchy, but whatever.

Here’s the chapter.

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Re:Master Magic 10 Milly


DEMOCRACY IS A LIE!!!!!! …Why  you ask? Well of course, its because the Supreme-overlord-tyrant-dictator-sloth-KuroInfinity-the 13th-sama is hereby disregarding what you voted for and from hence-forth going to choose what I want the translation to be~~~!

…or so it seems. xD Welp, after I made the polls and everything I was told in the comments the correct translations and pronunciations of the words in question, and in my mind those take precedence over public opinion.

Which in turn makes me out to be a hypocrite because I only MT, so my translations probably aren’t very accurate in the first place. 😛

An MT saying that correct translations matter? lol

Yeah, sorry about that. Anyways I’ll just update things soon and you’ll see the changes. No need to announce things.

*In a very regal and commanding voice* “Here is your chapter, be grateful.”

*Dramatic Exit* (Use your imagination)

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Re:Master Magic 09 Guild

Awww… my phone broke… T^T and I was in such a good mood too…

Oh well, back to sloth business:

Its come to my attention that we have some terminology that need final names so  I created some polls:

Zeff Einstein or Zeph Einstein?

Milly Reyad or Milly Reid? – SHUT DOWN 😛

Sorry to all you people who like ‘Reid’ but its been brought to my attention that ‘Reyad’ would be the more correct translation, so I’ll be sticking with that.

Scarlet system or Red system?

Sky system or Void system?

I’ll post the results with either the next chapter or the one after.

Anyways here’s the bonus chapter you guys were waiting for! Finally caught up with the manga too! :3

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Re:Master Magic 08 Boss

ITS OVER SEVEN THOUSAAAANNNND!!! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH I’M LITERALLY CRYING HERE!!! In only a couple hours you’ve more than QUADRUPLED my total view count since I’ve made the site, and beaten my daily view record BY OVER FIFTEEN TIMES!!!! (Previous record 308).

*sniffle* who knew that a sloth like me could have such wonderful group of readers like you guys?

Special shout out to Natsume for introducing me to Novel Updates.

There’s a bonus chapter coming later! 😀

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Re:Master Magic 07 Train

You know, I’m not going to lie, I never liked or commented on posts unless I felt like it, but after starting a site and actually translating I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that one of you guys took the time to click a button and notify me that you read my work.

So… if its not to much to ask can you like and comment my posts? It means so much I can t even describe it right.

Well… that’s enough of the mushy stuff, that’s not how a sloth should act after all. xD

Oh! I want to say sorry to Arnald, and thediabolicalgenius, you guys commented on my post and I accidentally deleted them (I couldn’t restore them). Thanks for the feed back though. >.<

Here’s your chap for the day:

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