Re:Master Magic 20 Lydia

Okay~ Two outta four done~ This one’s for the 23rd~

Confusing chapter @_@

Yeah, if there’s an image that I don’t think is a spoiler, then I’ll use it as a ‘featured image’, otherwise I won’t.

Wait… they didn’t elaborate on what they did last chapter AT ALL? No grabbing the girl’s shoulders and pushing her away? No random interruption by some person or object crashing through the window breaking the mood? No misunderstanding like the furniture incident from chapter 11? WHAT?!

What’s with that? Don’t tell me they… but they’re too young for that sort of thing! @_@

Here ya go~

* * *

– A week after the fight with the King of Death.


On a daily basis Milly and I continue to hunt at the Decayed Church.

We scraped through the hunting grounds, single-mindedly shooting the White Ball spell.

The boss is a powerful force, so it takes a month for it to revive itself.

So for a while we can hunt without the fear of that nuisance,




“Hey Zeph~ I’m tired of this already~”


Milly seems to think our hunting is boring.

It’s probably because all we do is shoot White Ball while standing around.


“I don’t want to raise my level here anymore, so let’s go find another hunting ground okay?”


Certainly, another hunting ground may be more efficient than the present one, but here we can hunt zombies with no fear of the King of Death, and the lack of tension makes it very easy to fall asleep.

Milly will probably fall asleep soon if I leave her alone, and that’ll be boring.

After I reached level 25, my level doesn’t rise anymore.


“Sure, but where are we even going to find another hunting ground?”

“I know right~? I wonder where a nice place would be.”


Milly’s grumbling like a spoiled child.

Well, the King of Death is going to revive again anyway.

It doesn’t sound too bad to find another hunting ground.


“Let’s split up for a while then. Milly, you’ll go find a new hunting ground while I earn some money in the meantime.”


“I’ll put up our stall and sell our products, it’d be more efficient if only one person went out to sell accessories and buy equipment, while the other finds the hunting grounds right?

“T-that’s true… but… umm…”

“I’ll feel at ease if you hold onto the crystal rod for now.”

“That’s… No, I’m fine! I understand! I leave and find a new hunting ground by myself! Without you!”


Milly said so while teleporting away.



I have to say, without Milly here I feel a little lonely.

She needs to learn how to act alone in the future, so it’d be good to encourage self-reliance for now.

Although I already roughly know the hunting grounds around here, finding a new hunting ground alone should be good training even for someone like Milly.


– After a few days, once again I was setting foot inside the commercial city of Berita.


I came here to sell my items at my stall and increase our monetary funds.

After that with our increase in gold, I’ll go see if there’s any items that I can buy for cheap.

Then I’ll visit Lydia’s store if there’s time.

There’s a reason I want to go.


I first set foot in First Street’s Square.

I’m not even going to bother if they don’t offer gold.

Stall Square isn’t open during the holidays.

When I finally found some space for my stall, while I was unloading and carrying some luggage on my shoulder, as I was walking through the crossroads…




A girl suddenly rushed into me from the side, and I accidentally let go of my luggage.

I felt something soft, and my luggage was sent flying through the air.

Somehow I was able to keep my balance, but the girl wasn’t able to keep her balance and fell.




‘Are you okay?’ As I was about to say that when I stretched my towards the girl, I noticed something.

Hmm…? Where have I seen…


A blue-haired, ponytail girl that wore a closed white shirt on top that barely covered her large breasts.

Since she was on the ground, with a glance you could get a glimpse of some kind of white fabric in the gap of her hot pants.

There’s also a cart covered with a floral pattern thrown onto the road.




“Wait, If I remember correctly you’re… umm… what’s your name again?”


Come to think of it, I never introduced myself, did I?


“I’m Zeph. Zeph Einstein, I was probably walking without paying attention to my surroundings, sorry.”

“Ah~ right. That makes sense, because I never forget a name and face, ever.”


*Concon* Lydia picked up her goggles and started laughing. *Ahhaha*

Then suddenly as if she just realized what position she’s in, closed her legs.


“…did you see?”

“A little.”

“Awawawa, don’t tell me you saw?! In my hot pants? Zeph-kun, you must’ve had a nice view huh.”


No, it looked pretty normal… okay it was good.


“Wow~ wait, the contents of your bag is scattered everywhere! Crap, hurry! I’ll help you pick them up!”


Lydia said so, and gleaned over my luggage that was scattered on the ground. *Hyoihyoi*

She profusely and quickly picked everything up.

As expected from a merchant.

Speaking of which, Lydia must be quite possessive of her cart.

Even so, the instant before the crash Lydia pushed her cart away to protect me.


Besides my luggage thrown everywhere, I myself am safe.

While she herself fell, Lydia’s luggage was okay.


This is where you could say the professionalism of a merchant would be needed.


*Phew* After we picked up all the contents of the magic bag, we decided to take a break.

Hmm… wow Lydia sure is tall.

Whenever I speak to her I always have to look up or else she might not hear me.

Well~ That’s fine, I don’t mind.


“Sorry Lydia, you seemed to be in a hurry, you sure it was okay for you to help me?”

“Oh, well that store over there was have a sale on stamina recovery potions, and it’s made by a famous stall to boot, they were probably going to be sold out immediately due to their popularity anyway. So I’d miss it anyways, so don’t worry about it.”

“I see. Oh, and it’s not like I wasn’t grateful for what you did. Thanks.”


She looked over here with a blank look in her eyes, and then laughed. *Ahhaha*


“Well~ I don’t hate honest fools like Zeph-kun who are still exploring the depths of what it means to be a merchant.”


I don’t feel like I’m being praised.

Lydia continued even after seeing my complex expression.


“Zeph-kun doesn’t live in Berita right, so why have you come here today? Could it be that you’ve come here just to see me?”


Her third statement is right on target.

What I say now doesn’t need to be negative.


“Well you helped me out once before, so I was hoping you could help me again.”


It’s a bit embarrassing, but I should answer honestly at times like this.

To make money, it’d be efficient to be friends with Lydia who’s a merchant.


“Really? I’m glad to have been of service, so Zeph-kun is also going to open a stall?”

“Ah, that’s right. I need to make some money right now, but back home in Nanami there is no Stall Square.”

“Hoho, you need some money? …Then why not ask Onee-san here if she can help you?”


“If you need financial consultations, just leave it to me. I’m the best you know.”


She said so while crossing her arms making her already big bulges seem even bigger, while putting on a bewitching smile.

“Just tell Onee-san here everything~♪”



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        1. but she continued to hold my hands down while saying “i have to find some way to thank you for the bone ring” and proceeded to wink at me


          1. and then, after some back and forth, we *this comment has be edited by an administrator or moderator due to its content* until the sun rose, so neither of us got any sleep.


  1. I can’t believe the author just left us with that picture. Shit dude, without the picture it would have just been a normal ending too


    1. He has a fine appreciation for older women. He admits he likes it being enveloped in Claire’s breasts and seeing Lydia’s hotpants to himself. Milly, on the other hand, is just a kid to him.


  2. You’ve ruined me. Tyvm though and all that. You are awesome.
    Been reading LNs for like 6h straight today.

    Best layout for site so far is still here if you ask me. The font size and pacing and all.

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  3. Well read all chapters. Ln seems to greatly differ from the WN. Manga skipped thief arc(can’t have girls pierced by arrows i guess…), don’t remember Zeff using green magic once and Ain…i mean King of Death boss battle was just anticlimatic…Guess i can look forward to Lydia in the manga tho.


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  5. This story is so different from the LN counterpart judging from the manga 😐 how strange that I find the WN more appealing.

    Thanks for the chapters Sloth 🙂


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