Re:Master Magic 16 Experiment

Two outta three, one more to go. Short chapter, but confusing chapter @_@

Changing  「Red」Magic Power: 16/62 -> 「Red」Magic level: 16/62 because of what happens here.

Poor Bluezels…

This chapter was for the 19th~

* * *

-I was on a bed before I even noticed.

You see on our way back to town, I fell in a bad way after experimenting with my Time Square spell.

Milly carried me back to my house.

I’m very grateful.


When I finally got out of bed, I was chastised by mom “You can’t do that you know, you caused so much trouble for Milly-chan.”

I’m very grateful… ugh…


As I ate the meal mom prepared, I remembered to check my progress with scout scope.


Zeph Einstein

Level 22

「Red」Magic Level: 16/62

「Blue」Magic Level: 14/87

「Green」Magic Level: 19/99

「Sky」Magic Level: 14/89

「Soul」 Magic Level: 19/97

Magic Power: 582/602


Wow, magic power.

It’s a new spec.

As Scout Scope’s level increases, I’ll be able to see a lot more things.

My magic power is 20 away from its max capacity.

That’s probably from casting Scout Scope.


With this I’ll be able to measure how much magic power my spells use.

Today’s a school holiday, so I planned to go and train with Milly starting this morning.

I’ll try a bunch of experiments during that time.

With my stomach full, I could hear Milly’s voice from outside while I was drinking water.



“I’ll be there in a bit!”


I answered back with a yell, washed my dishes, and ran out of the house after changing clothes.

I walked with Milly until we got out of town.


“What’re we doing today?”

“I’m doing a continuation of yesterday’s experiment. I wanted to try out some things.”

“Eh~ That’s okay, but try not to pass out this time alright~♪”


*Nihihi* Milly laughed at me, and I couldn’t say anything in my defense.

She carried me to my house yesterday, so I’ll let her feel a bit bossy for now.

As I left the Milly that happily trailed behind, I found a Bluezel.


…there it is.

Well~ let’s try it out, no?


-My Unique Spell Time Square, on this guy.


When activating Time Square, other than your own, it’s possible to stop all of time.

It’s not possible to move your body when time is stopped, but you can cast more spells there in between.

You can use this time to activate spells that would require a long cast time instantly, it’s also possible to cast multiple spells at the same time during the duration that time is stopped.


That said… spells require more magic power than what they usually need during the time stop.

Though magic triggered in duplex is far more powerful than casting the same spell twice in a row.


Looking at the Bluezel, the flow of time had stopped with the cast of Time Square.

I stopped time after casting Red Ball, casted Red Ball again. After triggering it two fireballs were shot at once, defeating the Bluezel in an instant.


“For now, I’ll call this spell Red Ball-Double.”



*pachipachi* Milly’s hand was making a crackling sound.

I’m checking things out while sitting on a rock.

When I casted Scout Scope, my magic power had decreased about a third its maximum value.

As I got off the rock to look for another target, Milly started attaching herself to me.

…I wonder why.


After using numerous Bluezels and practice dummies for my experiments, I was able to roughly determine the magic power consumption of Time Square combined with other spells.

During time stop the consumption of magic power almost doubles, but the spells power also increases.

Usually it takes four Red Balls to defeat a Bluezel, but it dies with one Red Ball-Double.

However, I can’t use intermediate or higher ranked spells because it takes so much magic power that I can barely cast them with -Double.

At least the power is suitable.


“It’s a shame… but I don’t think I’ll be able to use Time Square when we’re boss hunting.”

“Ku~u… Ku~u…”


Milly fell asleep.

How can she sleep in such a noisy place?

By the way a little while ago, I was looking for Bluezels and when I turned around they were roaming around Milly.


Time Square, a spell I learned by chance when I created Time Leap.

As an old man I never go the chance to use it in combat.

It may have a wide variety of uses, and some of them may be interesting…


As I thought of that, suddenly I remembered the spell I’ve been practicing lately.

-Magic Amplifier, it’s a spell that doubles the power of the next one.

This spell consumes zero magic power, instead the consumption of the next spell casted is doubled.


Using Time Square and a spell has the same power increase as using magic amplifier twice in a row.

Of course, I feel like using it takes the same magic power as using Time Square one time.

Let’s try this out on a Bluezel.

If my idea is correct…


The Fireball crashes into the Bluezel, defeating it in a single blow.

O~otsu, if using Magic Amplifier doubles the spell’s power, then using it twice makes it four-times as strong?

Red Ball’s magic consumption is also four-times its usual amount.

Hmm, this could…


This could be used.

-Red system Great Magic: Red Zero


13 thoughts on “Re:Master Magic 16 Experiment

  1. Fun chapter.

    I get the feeling that “Oh~tsu” is just “Oh~”, but I haven’t checked the raw(on phone atm). Small tsu at the end of a sentence is pretty much just them cutting off the sound fast.

    Thanks for your work ~

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  2. It’s actually a time stop magic…
    That means he would be able to use scout scope as much as he wants mid battle. Though it means double MP consumption, scout scope only costs 20 MP,

    To put that in perspective, this chapter just revealed normal red ball costs about 50 MP.


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