Re:Master Magic 14 Stalls

Yeah I freaked out a little there…

I’m so embarrassed… >///<

Here ya go…

* * *

—- The Commercial City Berita


It was one of the country’s leading trade cities, various products are shipped all over the country through its huge harbor.

Its also the closest big city to Nanami.

Even if I say that it’s close, it still takes over an hour full of breaks and the use of the teleport spell.


Today, Milly and I woke up early to get here.

Milly is such a kid sometimes, she wouldn’t open the door to her room, even when I called out to her so I had to use a spell to unlock it.

It’s a unique spell taught to support the lives of magician thieves, and sure enough, it was used for something that only a thief would do.

A thief was supposed to use the scroll for himself, but I tore the scroll up after I learned it.


As I told Milly about what she sounds like when she’s asleep, she got angry while her face turned bright red.

It wasn’t so bad though.


Huge crowds of people walked through the roads of the city.

I’m having a hard time just walking.

Milly also lost sight of me pretty quickly and started to go in the wrong direction.

I always have to look after her.

Sighing, I grabbed Milly’s hand and pulled.


“L-let go! It’s too embarrassing!”

“Don’t even. You might have the time to get lost, but I don’t.”


She got pushed again as I said so.

Slowly accepting the idea, she lightly gripped my hand.


We came to this city to sell the extra accessories that I received as thanks from the caravan, but also to prepare ourselves for the boss fight.

It’s a big city.

Selling the items is going to take quite a while.

It’s not very efficient.


“What’s this? Well if it isn’t Milly-chan and Zeph-kun.”


As we turned towards the voice, we saw that it was Claire-sensei holding a large shopping bag to her chest.

There was a big loaf of bread sticking out of it.

Apparently, she was food shopping.

Come to think of it, I vaguely remember somebody saying that sensei lives around here during the holidays.


“Could this be a date? How nice~”

“Y-you’re mistaken! We’re only shopping together because he can’t go by himself right now… You see! Look, Zeph’s arm is broken!”

“Are you sure~? Recently, haven’t the two of you gotten quite close? How suspicious~”


This is bad, they’ve been talking too long…

Claire-sensei has completely entered into her meddling mode.


“Sorry sensei, we need to hurry because we’re a little…”

“Did you come with just the two of you? That’s not good you know, you need an adult with you, no matter what you say…”


I knew Claire-sensei wouldn’t get lost, but soon after we started walking she grabbed my hand that wasn’t held by Milly, and trailed slightly behind us.

The strength of Milly’s grip got a bit stronger than it was a moment ago.

Only holding on when we’re near the end…

Hey stop it idiot, don’t think about these things.


“He~y, wouldn’t our purpose for coming here be harder to achieve if Claire-sensei is with us?”


We were talking with our voices hushed.

Honestly I agree, but can you stop gripping my hand like that.


“In the crowd, let’s quietly escape.”

“Alright, alright.”


So we agreed while shaking off Claire-sensei’s hand, disappearing into the crowd.

Since sensei had a big shopping bag, it would be hard for her to chase us.


“Sorry sensei~♪”


Milly stuck out her tongue while saying so.

Hey hey, stop it with the provocation.

Milly took my hand, and we disappeared into the crowd.


“Oh my, for the two of them to elope together, it’s good to be young.”


Fu~u, we finally got away from Claire-sensei, I could feel myself laughing a bit.

…Though I think we might’ve caused some kind of misunderstanding.


After we escaped from Claire-sensei, we browsed the merchants in search of rare items, and eventually ended up in Stall Square.

Both merchants and adventurers tried to sell stuff to me with glistening eyes.

What a formidable place to arrive in.

Milly was wondering about something, and looked restlessly around while turning.

You’ll get lost with that kind of attitude you know?


I pulled Milly’s hand and started walking towards our destination again, she followed with a kind of meandering feeling.

This feels like I’m walking a dog.


Soon after we entered the crossroads, and underneath the trees.

There sat the place where the future me always put up shop.


“Is this your first time coming here?”

“Yeah, what for?”

“Well, look over there.”


We turned towards a certain signboard and stand.

There, on a sign that looked like it was just drawn up yesterday, were the name and sale prices of the items I received as a thank you gift from the caravan merchants.


“This is Stall Square. Anyone can make a store here, as long as they have a product and a price for it. We’re going to try and sell these to people on the street now.”

“…For something so annoying…”

“Hey, read the mood.”


…Damn, she immediately fell asleep.

I tried to make things look interesting, but even if it wasn’t that doesn’t mean you can just fall asleep.

I decided to just read a book while waiting for customers to come.






No sales.

Customers would sometimes come to look at the wares, without buying anything and then leaving.

Am I that bad at selling?

There could also be a problem with our methods.

Or maybe we’re selling them at a bad price…


“Are you here with your dad? Little fella~”


As I looked towards the voice, minus the cart with a large canopy, was a tall girl.

With long blue hair that reached her back, and a white shirt that didn’t completely hide her chest.

Furthermore, she wore short hot pants that generously exposed her long legs, her overall skin colour was a nice tone, and her generous amount of clothes attracted the gaze of many of the people walking down the street.


Her cart was painted with a floral pattern, and a large amount of rare items could be seen tidily displayed, some of them were quite expensive.

The girl stopped her cart, sat in front of me, and started talking.


“But~ I wonder who investigated these? Their market price isn’t this much.”


Market price…?!

Damn it! My prices were based off of what I knew decades later from now, there’s no way these are the prices that these would sell for in this era!


“There’s a good variety though, would you mind telling me where you got this?”


I smiled, the girl with a friendly smile had a sharp gaze behind it, I didn’t miss it.



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  1. It says the teacher, Claire, grabbed his hand that wasn’t grabbed by Milly… so she grabbed the hand with the broken arm? Which would be in a splint or sling.

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