Re:Master Magic 13 Boss Fight

Here’s today’s REAL chapter.

Just move along now~

* * *


“What’s with that goofy reply? I mean boss hunting you know? Boss hunting.”


Way too reckless.

So what she’s saying is…


“Sorry, I don’t want to die yet.”

“I don’t want to die either!”


She was angry for some reason.

I might’ve said that, but I’m still here.


“In the first place, the whole reason we made the guild was so we could hunt bosses! Since we can’t defeat them alone, we could defeat them one day with teammates… that’s why we built it!”

“We only have two people though…”

“You can’t refuse my order Zeph!”


So that’s it.

That’s how it’s going to be.


“Okay! Let’s start thinking of some strategies or something! Let’s go already!”


Milly’s smile was full of self-confidence.

Certainly there are several bosses that you can hunt with only two people.

But that’s a gamble, and the King of Death could kill the both of us with a light pat at this level.

Bosses are challenged only by skilled adventurers, moreover only when they’re in a party.


“Again, this is too reckless, it’s better to just give up.”

“Don’t worry! There’s surely a way to win!”


I’m a bit suspicious but…


“I’ll bombard the boss with my magic first, and before the boss notices me, you’ll teleport me away! We recover our magic once we’re out of sight, and then we repeat!”

“I don’t know if I’m going to have to repeat this, but the King of Death has self-recovery abilities. Escaping after firing low-grade magic won’t be sufficient, we need something more powerful.”


“That’s true, well how about this Zeph… We bind the boss’s movement with Green Wall and then we both bombard him with magic from afar.”

“The boss is immune to binding spells.”


Huh~ She sighed, while I continued.


“You’ve probably never fought a boss before. They’re not that easy, I can see us doing boss hunts someday but now is not the time. It’s more efficient to just raise our levels at the moment.”

“Efficiency this, efficiency that, that’s all you ever talk about…”


“Zeph, you idiot~~!!”


Milly teleported away while saying so.

Well, I guess I was a bit shortsighted.

Wait… That direction is…!


“That idiot can’t be…!”


I immediately chased after Milly by teleport.


– Taking the farthest distance possible while still being in the range of her spell, Milly aimed at the King of Death, bombarding it with Red Blaster.

Heat waves emitted from Milly’s palm eradicated the zombies in a single blow, but the attack didn’t end there.

The heat wave continued towards the King of Death.


-Red system intermediate magic, Red Blaster.

The most efficient magic power to attack power conversion spell, it’s possible to attack everything in the direction it’s casted as long as the spell isn’t canceled.


The King of Death didn’t even flinch, and started advancing towards Milly. She immediately started retreating after she casted Red Blaster.




She pulled back quite the distance, until she couldn’t be noticed by the King of Death anymore.


“Fufun~ ♪ I’m amazing, because I can fight the boss by myself! ”


She started meditating, while adjusting her position in relevance to the King of Death. After, she casts Red Blaster at maximum range, and runs away right after…


Bombard the King of Death with magic.

Then teleport away once he notices her.

This… repeated about 3 or 4 times.


In just this short amount of time, Milly’s face was already covered with fatigue.

Her breathing was rough, and she was covered in sweat.

The ‘fight to the death’ barely lasted a few minutes.

Her spirit and tension had died out, she couldn’t meditate properly or cast any more spells.


While the King of death didn’t seem affected at all.

Continuing this, especially in this state won’t do anything.

She knew it, but…


“…I got this far!”


With an unsteady body, she measured the distance.

Her vision was hazy, her feet wobbly.




She made an error with her visual estimation, and got into the King of Death’s field of view.

Of course, it immediately turned towards her and began its assault.

Milly noticed her mistake even with her hazy head, and tried to escape with teleport, but because she couldn’t concentrate properly, it wasn’t invoked successfully.


The King of Death lifted up its bishop’s staff, where in the next moment it would surely split Milly’s head in two,


I flew in with teleport at the last minute, pushed Milly away, and received the bishop’s staff with my left arm.

*Hishihishi* I could feel my arm breaking.

It was slammed towards the ground, and my body was sent flying towards Milly.


My mind went black for a moment, but I can’t afford to lose consciousness.

I grasped Milly’s arm, and escaped with teleport.


The King of Death who had missed its prey gnashed its teeth together, and started wandering again.


– Milly’s house.


“You big idiot!! I said not to fight it! You would’ve died if I wasn’t there to save you!!”


Tears rolled down Milly’s face as I scolded her.

Milly apologized while crying the entire trip back to her room.


A little while ago, I activated a magic buff to protect myself.

The chant is long, so you can’t use it in combat, it was magic that took 90 percent of the damage from an opponent’s attack once.

Yet it was still enough to break my arm.

At least Milly learned the true fear of fighting a boss.


“Now you know why I was so cautious, right?”

“Yeah… I know, I’m sorry… If I didn’t act so selfishly, your arm…”


…it might’ve turned into a trauma.

In the future Milly is going to be a very important human resource.

Fighting boss monsters with me is one of the reasons why she’ll be important, so it’ll be troubling if she gets traumatized.


I need to dispel this as soon as possible, the longer we leave it, the longer it’ll take for her to recover.

Damn… It’s just that troublesome…

Even though I said it wasn’t efficient…


My left arm started aching again.

It’s completely broken now…

Its started to heal after strengthening my self-recovery ability.

But the recovery of bone damage or deep wounds would still take a long time.


This situation is full of things I wouldn’t consider good.

Damn, I’m getting angry…

The King of Death.





Somehow she’s become timid.

Looks like the damage was deeper than I thought.

I guess there’s only one thing we can do.


“Give me seven days. Seven days to prepare and plan, then we defeat the King of Death.”


With a blank look Milly just stared at me, so I grabbed her shoulder and flashed a smile.

“We’ll defeat it with only two people.”


24 thoughts on “Re:Master Magic 13 Boss Fight

  1. They could try digging a really deep hole and escape in there to lure that thing into it then teleport away. After that, just keep on spamming white ball till it die or drown in with water and shoot lightning at it or fill the hole with some fuel and burn it.

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  2. o.O…a little hasty don’t you think… everyone knows that in the face of absolute power, all plans are meaningless…. go grind to level 99 then come back like my friend in etrian odyssey who grinded in 1st level dgn til max level( i know… crazy guy) before moving on to the rest of the game…

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