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This one’s for the 15th, today’s chapter will come soon.

Yeah short rant today, here’s the chapter:

* * *

The spells that I need to train aren’t only attack spells.


First is “Magic Amplifier”.

It a spell that doubles the power and consumption rate of the next spell I cast.


Although most demons can be defeated with a spell’s normal power, this is a spell the I have barely used, but I still need to train it.


Second is “Scout scope”.


I noticed this when I saw the scroll at Milly’s house, it seems to gain more uses if you raise its proficiency.


Firstly, it can show the spell’s level.

My Red ball spell is now level 12, by how I planned this out, this will help with making my training more efficient.


More importantly…

I looked over at Milly, and cast Scout scope.


Milly Reyad

Level 25

「Red」Magic level: 22/94

「Blue」Magic level: 32/98

「Green」Magic level: 19/92

「Sky」Magic level: 12/96

「Soul」 Magic level: 15/85


Milly focuses on the Blue system, everything else is balanced out.

Especially her great magic, Blue Gale has grown to a formidable level 39.

It must be her favorite.

The Blue system is balanced in attack, recovery, and auxiliary spells, this is a good system to train in if you’re working alone.


Being able to see other’s current condition, the levels of the spells you know, learning their identity.

This is seriously dangerous.

To know what spells an enemy mage can cast, is practically putting a death sentence on them, since you can predict their train of thought.

I know this spell was created by itself, because there’s no way to counter it.

By leveling up scout scope I can get even more information than what I already know.

There’s no privacy here.


Milly has a high talent value.

Yet another genius…


The Scout scope that was brought to the Association in the future was probably a degraded form of this one.

This spell could wreak havoc to the world if it was spread out.

I don’t want this spell to be spread around, but whether the scroll is brought to the association or not is Milly’s decision.

It’s hopeless, isn’t it?

I already know that in the future it spreads anyway.


I also chose these two spells because they’re some of the only spells that can be trained during class, so recently I’ve been training Magic Amplification and Scout scope in rotation during class.

Milly turned towards me with a weird look.

Of course, I ignored her.

Oh, the level of scout scope increased.


–after school.


“Zeph, let’s go!”



After a short conversation, Milly and I left the classroom. Our classmates don’t really care at all, and just stare while whispering.

At first, everyone wanted to talk to Milly, but after the first month most of those people had already lost interest.

I guess the values between a mage and a child were just too different.


After going to the school’s roof, I was able to teleport to a rock I could see in the distance.

It’s more efficient to use teleport from a high place.

You can teleport farther with a better vantage.

Teleport, teleport ….


We arrived at the Decayed Church we trained in earlier.

It’s become our main hunting grounds now.


“Okay, let’s just do our usual thing!”

“Understood. Well see ya.”


At the church we split into opposite directions.

I went and started pulling the zombies in hordes.

The zombies gathered like stupid animals, easy for training.

(TN: I don’t know…



I held my hand towards the ground, and casted Green wall.

A wave of magic spread from my hands, and a wall made of magic ivy was grew in front of me.

It entangled all the zombie’s feet, who were trying to struggle free.


-Green system spell, Green Wall.

With thick roots from the earth, it’s a spell that can be used on a wide range of enemies.


While the mass of zombies had their feet tangle, they were herded together like animals, I tried to pull as many zombies together as I could before Green Wall expired.


A little bit to the left of our ‘destination’ was Milly.

Behind her was something amazing.

There was probably at least a hundred zombies there..


Making full use of Green Wall,  although it was a bit difficult I gathered the zombies into one group.

Another hoard could be seen in the distance.

It was Milly’s.


I somehow was able to pull the zombies towards Milly, while she pulled her hoard towards me.

After a little while…

As we slowly were able to re-group, once we were finally together again, together with Milly we grouped our zombie hordes into one big mesh and casted our spells.


“White Ball!”

“Blue Gale!”


Half of the hoard was covered in bright flashes of light, while the other was thrown about in a tornado.


“Well two hundred seem to be enough for now.”

“Fufu~n, I got to use my spells a lot.”


It’s good to have rival to compete with.

When I looked at Milly’s clothes, maybe it was from a zombie attack, but they were frayed a little.

That’s dangerous you know… even if the undead are really slow.


“We need to set up camp quickly, since they get resurrected almost immediately.”

“Yeah, yeah.”


As the moon started to rise, both Milly and I started meditating.


Though there aren’t many zombies, they have a fast spawn rate. Its because of the zombies that came here, and just rotted away. Giving them the chance to be resurrected fairly early.


I bombarded the zombies with White ball.

After obliterating them all in one swoop, almost immediately another zombie pops out of the ground. Even if I’m only using while ball… there have been many times where my magic power had been significantly reduced, as I passed the snake bone ring to Milly, I started meditating.


Milly also bombarded the zombies that had spawned with white ball the same way I had.

Then… returned the snake bone ring to me.


We take down hordes of zombies in rotation.

I could feel a tremendous rise in experience.

Otto, I gained a level.


The defeated monsters can restore their forms after a certain period of time, by absorbing the magic in the dungeon, reviving themselves.

Utilizing the zombie’s nature, we can hunt them all at once using a technique called ‘Hoarding’.

It’s a very efficient way of hunting, but it’s not recommended for beginners because it will drive the party into a crisis if they don’t have good cooperation.


As long as as magic flows rich here, and demons continue to spawn, attacking humans, this place will always be regarded as a dungeon.

If you take the difficult road, there’s a chance you’ve sentence yourself to a poor fate.

(TN: Help.



After continuing this for an hour.

A zombie with a red cloak had appeared amongst the mass that we slayed with white ball.


“This is bad! The King of Death! Run away!”

“Hey… wait for me, Zeph!”


She said but I still ran before her.

Milly was trailing behind me.


“Phew… that was close…”

“Yeah, hey you… how could you say such things and just leave a girl to fend for herself?”

“Anybody that picks a fight would you would die soon after, so thinking about such things is a waste of time.”


I said while Milly was dripping with complaints.

Our party wouldn’t win even if the both of us fought.

If your preparations are insufficient, you can only die.

It would be better for one of us to escape to lessen the damage.


“But… that’s not what you’re supposed to do…”


While Milly was still throwing complaints at me, I looked at the King of Death that was wandering around in circles, and my teeth started chattering.

After she said so, a mischievous smile floated up on Milly’s face as she thought of something.

I have a bad feeling…


“Hey Zeph, want to try and beat him with just the two of us?”


31 thoughts on “Re:Master Magic 12 Hoarding

      1. Same. Carrying over knowledge and using it is another factor. I always feel some disappointment with some Xianxias where reincarnators/world travelers just cultivate, but don’t make use of their previous knowledge in some way. Though if the story is done well I’ll still read it.


  1. While the moon curse Milly also eagle also, to start the meditation. — Can you check the translation on this one? It seems weird.

    …picks a fight would you would die… — I’m guessing it should be…picks a fight like you…


  2. Thats pretty funny when it comes to who wants to fight the death knight it was zeph and not milly in the manga honestly such a random change that was made.


  3. I honestly lost interest in TDG. I just really hated the MC. He was a jerk to everyone for little to no reason and never really had to suffer the consequences of any of the asinine things that he did. It was a typical 13 yr old’s power fantasy, just like every other 3rd rate, male-demographic web novel out there.


  4. “Anybody that picks a fight would you would die immediately after making contact. Thinking about such things is inefficient.”
    This sentence seems strange… & thx for chapter.


  5. これだけいると何匹か列車から離れるゾンビもいる

    means “since there are this many zombies, there’s bound to be a few zombies that wander away from the train”


  6. これだけいると何匹か列車から離れるゾンビもいる
    “since there’s this many zombies, there’s bound to be a few zombies that wander away from the train”


  7. Perhaps the “Difficult road” thing is in the same vein high risk high reward but if it’s risk is too high you’d die?


  8. Makes a lot of sense that she has most of her spell systems at the rank he had before returning to the past, not to mention not having a medium for soul spells when she clearly has used them a lot with the level 15 in it…


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