Re:Master Magic 11 Scroll

Me: There are images?

Ziru: There are images.

Me: *checks*…OMG THERE ARE IMAGES!!!

*I smacked myself* O_O Wow! I didn’t even realize there were illustrations with some of the chapters! Well, at least now I’ll make sure to add them in, oh and do you guys want the images set as ‘featured images’ where you can see them (like on the front page)without actually going into the chapters, or not?

Special shout out to Ziru for telling me about them!

Oh sorry its a little late today, I just couldn’t get into the ‘mood’ for translating for some reason… It didn’t help that there was a weird part here that made me feel a bit… itchy, but whatever.

Here’s the chapter.

* * *

“Scout scope…!”


Milly puts on a surprised face in response to my mutterings.


“D-don’t tell me, you know it…?”

“That’s… no, I didn’t know this spell. It’s amazing, this spell could be revolutionary.”

“Right?! Yes~s, its my win!!”


I’ll keep it a secret for now.

This is a spell that isn’t known until decades from now.

Perhaps it’s a unique spell devised by Milly’s family.

So it would be suspicious if I already knew it.

Moreover, it seems like the scroll was made a long time ago.


“It was my dad’s. As he was training to become the strongest mage, he became aware of his limits. He always regretted not noticing sooner though.”


I know that feeling well.

Magic levels tend to rise slower the higher they get, making it harder to realize his dream.

It can’t be helped though, the world isn’t made to be fair.


“This is my opportunity though. Then I was born, and seeing my dad as he was I firmly decided I wasn’t going to be the same, utilizing the spell he created, Scout scope.”


To be able to create such a spell, he must’ve been a mage with strong intentions.


First you need to create the ‘image’ of the spell with clear intentions on what you want it to do,  then over many years that image ‘solidifies’, and after practicing it many times the spell forms.

Turning it into the creator’s original spell, this is what you call unique magic.


By the way scrolls are just teaching manuals that describe how to use the ‘Blank Scrolls’ that the creator used, dropped down to a level that anyone can learn.

Naturally the effect of someone who learned the spell through a scroll will be different from the person who created it himself.

(TN: If you’re confused, he uses ‘Blank Scroll’ to show that the creators had no guidelines to follow when creating their unique spells.)


It takes a month to create a scroll, but it’s still possible to accumulate enough wealth to forego all your money problems if you sell them to the Association.

Unfortunately, because there are many oddball mages out there, most unique spells disappear when their creators die.

That scroll was created for his family, so that the spell wouldn’t disappear.


“You had a good father.”

“No at all! He always got angry, and never played with me because he was always training, we were only together because of our house!”

“I-I see…”


She sounds angry but she has a happy expression on.

When I noticed it, she laughed a bit embarrassingly.


“Though the fact is because this is a spell that hasn’t been publicized, its probably a unique spell meant just for you, you know? Is it really okay for a stranger like me to learn it?”

“What are you saying? You’re the deputy leader of ‘Hunters of the Blue Sky’, there’s no way you’re a stranger!”


Or so she said.

I had completely forgotten about the guild.

This is probably Milly’s first time in the things called ‘guilds’.

I’ll impart some advice to her.


“Milly, not all  guilds have the camaraderie you think they do. It’s better if their interests match up, so it’ll be easier to recognize your place in the group, it’s not uncommon for guilds to have infighting to the point of murder and robbery you know?”

“It’s fine! I can tell that you’re not that kind of guy, Zeph! I know you won’t do anything like that!”


She can laugh so freely because she doesn’t know my dark side, I hope she never learns of it.


“…Anyway, that kind of spell isn’t something you just show off you know? What if you’re opponents learn it?”

“Yeah yeah, thanks for the advice oh great deputy leader-sama, I am eternally grateful.”


Stop talking already, STOP! She gestured by raising her hands.

I can’t believe a person like this existed until now…


“Other than that, remember our bet from a little while ago? It’s my win, you know?”

“Ah, Ah… I wonder what you’re talking about, I don’t remember anything like that.”


I had completely forgotten about that.

It’s easy for me to forget things like that now.

My aging hasn’t stopped…

Milly, with a mischievous smile plastered on her face, closed in on me.


“The loser will do any one thing the winner wants~ ♪ That’s what I remember.”


Damn, I guess I have no choice.


-In the twilight of the small room, the pained voice of Milly echoed.

Her face was flushed, her breathing was rough, and her clothes were covered with sweat.


“N~tsu… KUU… ha… ha… there Zeph… over there…!”

“Hey don’t be unreasonable, I’m a bit tired here.”


Her voice is a little worrisome, but this is no problem for me, I let out a small laugh.


“I’m okay… that’s why… all at once… Tsu…!”

“…Okay then, I’m going to start.”


“”One, and…'”


– Zugogogogo.

With the sound of something screeching across the floor, we pushed the bed into the corner of the room.


“Fu~i~ Somehow we were able to clean up all the luggage.”

“Ah, I all sweaty now.”

“Thanks for helping me Zeph!”


The Milly that had asked me to help out with cleaning and organising her luggage, turned from the dusty room looking at the sunset.

The wind that brushed against my cheek felt nice.


“Hey, Milly.”


“About the matter of gathering guild members, we should probably put it on hold for a while. The more people we gather, the more Milly’s problems as leader will increase. Besides, there are not many people our age that’ll measure up to your standards to begin with. “


It’s too early for scout scope to be released into the world.

I want to monopolize this spell if possible.

Nyi… I’ll turn my face forward and continue to advance.


“I wonder how strong we are. My level is low but I’ll probably be more useful than you think. While you’re combat power should also be pretty high. So for now lets just stick to the two of us.

Okay, Milly?”


The answer was no.


In my view there was someone making a ‘Suu Suu’ sound as she slept on the bed.


“…Geez, when people are talking to you, listen.”

With a sigh, to the Milly who was sleeping so comfortably I poked her cheek, checking that she was really asleep, and finally returned home.



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    1. Not really lol, Its just that if I set it as a ‘featured image’ it’ll show on the front page, so there’s a chance of spoilers, and although it makes the site better, I’m not sure that’s what you guys would want.

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  1. I prefer the pictures in the chapter as images and not as links. I would miss them otherwise.

    Suggest not using them on the front page if you are worried about spoilers.


  2. I think keeping the illustrations with the table of contents like you have now would be best. Sometimes I like to go look at them and it is more convenient if they are all in one place.


  3. Thank you for translating this ♡!!
    The way he used the Bone Ring for shooting out light ball reminds me of the Sorcerer’s Ring from the Tales of series..

    I’m fine with whatever for the pictures..
    How about featuring them in the stories AND in an illustration page, so both sides win (cue “Why not both?” meme)..

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      1. Oh, then nope..
        I’d rather see them pics as I scroll down reading the chapters and/or as a collective if I feel like showering myself with some moemoe cuteness!
        Or just play with my cat for that, I guess…


  4. > 「ギルドメンバーを集める件だがしばらく待った方がいい。人数が増えるとリーダーであるミリィの面倒が増えるし、そもそもお前の眼鏡にかなう同年代のヤツなどそうはおらん」

    “About the matter of gathering guild members, we should probably put it on hold for a while. The more people we gather, the more Milly’s problems as leader will increase. Besides, there aren’t many people our age that’ll measure up to your standards to begin with.”

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  5. Here is a .zip file holding all of the images in every chapter up to the most recent one (as of yesterday), in full size. I placed it at mediafire:

    The pics appear to be fanart created by Japanese fans of the webnovel. Personally, I prefer their version of Milly to that of the manga, although I can see that the manga version was based off the fanart version. Be warned, some of the later pics are spoilers for the chapters, and some of them are a little misleading when you look over the chapter they came from.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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    1. Sorry to not use your hard work, but since like you said, there are spoilers, I’m not going to post any pictures until I actually get to the chapter the illustration is from. Thanks again though.


      1. That’s fine. This was mostly done so you would not need to look up the pics each time you translate a chapter.

        And as I said, while some of them are spoilers, others only seem to be spoilers: when you check the text near the picture you sometimes discover that the picture is quite misleading (due to lack of context) from what is actually happening in that chapter.

        Another reason is that the direct link to the images in the web novel are resized versions (to 580 px), but if you alter the link a bit you can get the full size versions of the pictures.


  6. Guys, her dad had the same goal…i guess it could be zeph using other type of time leap to go back to past and the scroll passed to his daugther or something like that nya~ ^ — ^
    ㅇ ㅇ
    ( _ _ )


  7. I was thinking of this when i read the dark side part XD
    It’s good she doesn’t know my dark side… She will probably regret recruiting me, the one and only DARK FLAME MASTER!


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