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*In a very regal and commanding voice* “Here is your chapter, be grateful.”

*Dramatic Exit* (Use your imagination)

* * *

“This is our ‘Hunters of the Blue Sky’ main base!”


I was guided to Milly’s so-called home.

It was an apartment area for travelers who needed a temporary home, and Milly’s room was our so-called base. …a sign saying ‘Hunters of the Blue Sky guild’ was in front of the door.


“Well~ what are your waiting for? Come in, take a seat!”


Even if I wanted to there was nowhere to sit.

I could barely move where I was standing as it is.

The room was completely filled with luggage, all them seemingly untouched.


Leaving out the everyday goods such as clothes, dishes, and scrolls for reading, this was terrible even for me, and I don’t like tidying up much.

I guess there was no choice but to sit on the luggage.


“Hey! Use a chair!”

“I would if there was one! Can’t you see all this luggage lying around?”


Although I said that, I still got off of the luggage.

While I stood up because there was nowhere else to sit, Milly came back with two cups of coffee to drink.

I have to drink while standing? No.


“First of all we should start with self-introductions.”


Her elegant gesture of tilting the coffee made a strange picture. In particular, the mismatch between her and the appearance of the room.

She seems to have received a good education by the looks of it.


“What I’ve said before in school was more or less correct, the only difference would be that I don’t have parents here.”

“…isn’t that a bit lonely?”

“It’s no big deal, I’m already used to it.”


*Kotri* The hand that put the cup on top of the luggage looked a little lonely.


“It’s you! In order to make my guild the strongest I need people like you!”

“The strongest… hey.”

“When I first tried to invite people, they all said ‘It’s not good not to act your age…’ and didn’t take me seriously, I guess people just didn’t like the age gap.”

“Well what use could people like that be to us? We’re special you know?”


She laughed a little and smiled, playfully punching me in the shoulder.


“I heard rumors of you! The genius child mage that used magic on the other kids in the city of Nanami.”


Using a spell in the classroom, it seems I was conspicuous enough for my skill to be seen by good eyes.

Fledgling guilds are always scouting, there are many accidental deaths if they aren’t strong enough, so called guilds are called black-guilds. If it was a major guild they could easily scout any amount of adventurers that they wanted.

A new start-up guild such as the ‘Hunters of the Blue Sky’ were a bit unexpected, but it’s not too bad because for the lack of people, we have more freedom in our actions.


I was lucky with one more thing.

Milly Reyad.

How she thinks is a little disappointing, but her potential combat power that I could feel from her magic is no doubt high.

I have high expectations for how she’ll contribute to the party.

We have to use all the cards we’ve been dealt.


“Thanks for entering the guild, Zeph! I was about to cry if you refused.”


Don’t cry.

If it were me, with no family at this age, being able to use magic to that level, I might’ve not been able to make it if my mental age matched my body.

I guess that’s why she’s so happy talking to me like this.

…I feel a little sorry for her.


“Hehehe… By the way, new members are rewarded with a special gift.”


Milly slowly started going through her luggage.

Huh? Where’d she go? Her room’s so messy I lost her.

Can’t she clean up sometime, this is too much.


“There it is! I found it!”


What was taken out was a scroll, guilds often give out magic scrolls to commemorate new mages joining.

But I’m me, I don’t need any magic scrolls because I already know them all.


“That’s not necessary, I probably already know that spell.”

“Are you sure? Surely there’s some spells you haven’t seen before.”

“I’ve already read all the scrolls sold at the Mage Association.”

“He~e~? Fu~u~? Really? Are you sure?”


I didn’t like how she grinned while laughing at me.

The reason I didn’t accept was because I probably already know whatever spell she has there.

Though she is awfully confident, she must be thinking that there’s no way a country bumpkin like me could have read all the spells of the Association.

Time to make a fool out of her.


“…fine, do you want to make a bet? Whether I already know that spell or not.”

“I wonder? The loser has to do any one thing that the winner says, okay?”

“If you insist.”


Milly doesn’t know, but I also have information from the future, I even know all the new spells that are going to be created later on.


“Then let’s start.”

“One, Two… Three!”


We spread open the scroll, following the characters that were written. Wait, this spell…


“…This is so stupid…”

“Fufun ♪ This a new spell for you? You give up?”



-I know this spell.

This was the spell a certain genius magician brought to the Association, overturning all magic theories that had been developed until then.

Its the spell that made me jump back in time.

“Scout scope…”


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    1. And know that I have read the chapter.
      Holy Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Welp she was the genius.
      At least he knows that he has a lot more to do now that they are a party.
      Especially in the R&D side of things

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      1. I don’t think so, she’s older than Zeph in this timeline, but the genius was a young mage. So maybe somebody else just took credit for her work? Or maybe its just a lost spell that someone claimed as their own. 😛


        1. I am about 50-50 about that.
          She could be someone that traveled backwards trough time and space. But also if she succefully made her guild and the skill was a trade mark secret of the guild there is the chance that some random member give it for some coins.


  1. The real question is: will he admit to knowing it? The only reasons to do so are his pride and fear of whatever it is she’s going to request while the reasons against it are quite a bit more dire.


  2. Small request — could you please include the series name (or acronym?) in the post titles? I’m using WordPress to follow a huge amount of stories and keeping track w/o series names is… iffy.

    Thanks for the chapter~

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  3. Thanks for the new chapter! She is a time jumper too! Though another possibility is that she has the prototype version of scout scope.

    Random thought: He probably would have also lost if she had incomplete spells being created or obscure magic spells on the level of a party favor and was never accepted by the Mage Association. If she presented something on that level, she could technically win their little bet in the same fashion. *end random thought*

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  4. I created an account (and then realised I didn’t actually need to), but I just wanted to say, you seem like a fun person. And thanks for these translations.


  5. “*Dramatic Exit* (Use your imagination)” I like to imagine that the floor of the stage you’re on opens and you disappear in a big puff of colourful smoke and flames into a network of pneumatic tubes that take you to the slothcave. Dramatically.


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