Re:Master Magic 05 Great Magic

Hey Kuroi here,

Woooooh, 5 chapters! I’m on  a roll! I thought it’d take 2-3 days per chap but it looks like I can pump them out daily if I try. xD

That said, I’ll remind you again that I’m only a sloth, so don’t expect too much.

Oh yeah, anybody else think its kinda weird that he’s already so strong with red magic when its value is only at 2? O_O

God, he was probably already god-like by 62, and once he’s finally at the counter-stop for green and soul, *Shivers* that’s going to be a sight to behold.

Anyway here’s your chapter for the day. 😛

* * *

Black clouds started forming overhead.

It started to rain, the wind picked up too.


“I want to finish this before it becomes a storm.”


There was a considerable distance between the bandits and I.

The spell I used a little while ago, ‘Black Shot’ is the rapid-fire version of its ‘ball’ form.  

The Sky system focuses on speed, but with that said, it’s rapid fire magic can still be avoided so I have be careful about that.

I only got those other guys because they were careless.


The thieves scattered to my left and right. They all kept their distance while aiming their bows at me.

With a mage as their opponent, they could either fight me through a long distance battle, or directly assault me knowing that some of them will die.

They decided on the former.


At least that’s what I assume they’re doing. Predicting this, I shot out Red Wave before they could spread out too far.

– Red system primary ranged magic: Red Wave.

Its a spell that constantly shoots out hot air, also doing a small amount of magic damage.

Although its a low-power spell, depending on how you use it, it’ll be useful for various situations, like being a distraction or… Stoping movement.

Hot air spread across the ground, burning the thieves hair.




Suddenly being exposed to hot air like that, its not suprising they’d react like that.

The thieves riding horses were burnt, and stopped their movement.

My magic can’t reach that far yet, I won’t be able to kill them from this position.

If I can defeat one of them with magic, it’ll be tough to fight the other three, especially now since they’re vigilant against me.

Oh well… Let’s just kill them all at once.


“No choice but to use Great Magic.”


It was already raining, but as if in response to what I said, the storm seemed to get stronger.

Now would be suitable.

I collected all the magic in my body into my hands, and started chanting.


“I beckon the spirits, shout like a storm, and roar like thunder, wipe out the foes before my eyes with the wrath of the heavens!”


“Black Thunder!”


The sound of lightning could be heard from the black clouds covering the sky, when it suddenly poured down on them.

A dazzling light engulfed everything I could see, then a thunder clap resounded after a slight delay.

In place of where the thieves stood was nothing but a tremendous cloud of dust rising into the air, which was subsiding quickly in the wind and rain.

I could feel the increase of experience, so I think I defeated all of them.

After the dust settled, I went to check the place the lightning stuck.

The ground was gouged out where it fell, the soil was burnt black, and the thieves had disappeared without a trace.


My breathing was heavy, even though I feel like passing out, I needed to stay concious even a minute longer.

When you use too much magic, you put a great burden on your body.

Great Magic’s magic consumption is quite large.

Right now, probably because I went beyond the limits of my magic, its completely exhausted.

I sat down, and repeatedly took deep breaths, again and again.



I think I feel a little better now.


Sky system Great Magic: Black Thunder.

Even though its magic consumption is small compared to other Great Magic, and the fact that you can only cast the spell when there’s cloudy weather, this spell has alot of defects to it, but if you ask me…

Looking at the aftermath of the spell, it was still a really powerful attack.

It was hardly used, but the remains just scream that a big spell was used here.

(TN:  まぁ殆ど使い道はないのだが、腐っても大魔導と言ったところか。

The last sentence anyone?)


I continued to meditate while thinking about things like that.






After a long period of meditation my magic had recovered to some extent, I don’t think I’ll pass out anytime soon, but I still feel kind of sick.


As I turned to the caravan, there was a rather fat man staring at me.

I guess I fufilled my original purpose.

I turned towards the direction of the girl’s body and put my hands together in prayer.

After that I turned around and made my way towards the caravan.


“How wonderful! You helped us! To be able to use such powerful magic at your age is amazing!”


The middle-aged man with a bundled shaggy beard lavished praise towards me.

Pehaps he’s the leader of the caravan. To a boy, such as I, he probably feels really weird asking for help.

Power controls the world after all, you need to treat anyone with power above yourself with respect so that you won’t be found offensive.

This man also seems to understand that.


“I’m so lucky. If I were to try and fight them, I would’ve been killed. I really have to thank you!”

“Don’t thank me, my performance was disappointing, I wasn’t even able to prevent that lady from before from dying.”

“The worst-case scenario was still avoided though, and for that, I’m lucky!”


Although I don’t think his luck is that good.

Okay, now its time to reap the rewards.


“Anyways for now, are you alright? I’m a mage but because I don’t have any magic Items I won’t be able to treat you if you’re hurt…”


To my fastball request, the caravan leader gave me a blank look.

Crap, was I too direct? Not good, negotiations were never my thing in my past life.

But then his face immediately changed to a smile.


“Ha ha ha. Yes, that is so. Words of gratitude wouldn’t be enough for what you’ve done. Of course I’ll give you something.”


I guess I’m lucky that I still look like a child. It would’ve been rude to protest against my decision a little, but I guess I was given a break.

I was never very good at reading the subtleties of the human mind since the old days.


“But because I’m not truly prepared to reward you while my caravan is like this, after we go to town, could you find me tomorrow? ”

“All right.”


After that the caravan went to town.

I got to ride the carriage too, the people who’s lives were just attacked treated me like I was one of the grand heroes in stories.

Maybe if I didn’t come there would’ve been more casualties. I wonder if any are that girl’s family.


No, it won’t be that way. I’ve seen many times when couples are seperated death.

Its too bad but, that’s just how things are.

(TN:  仕方があるまい。ワシも長年連れ添ったパーティメンバーと死に別れた事など幾度としてある。

First line, anyone?)


After we returned to town and seperated, I went home.

The lights in the house were left on even though it was quite late at night.

Of course… Mom was probably still awake and was going to give me another hour-long sermon.


While I was thinking of what kind of face mom would make after I entered, probably because I was really tired from everything, I accidentally walked into the door and hit my head.


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  1. funny stuff, it also makes him seem tougher than his manga counterpart. the actual light novel may have changed this part to what the manga similarly does and make him pass out from using magic against the slimes instead to add to the drama of him trying to surpass his old self.


  2. I wonder how he even has the magic capacity to cast a great magic considering he’s been training for only what, 3 days? There should be some overdraw or something.


  3. まぁ殆ど使い道はないのだが、腐っても大魔導と言ったところか。

    Well, there are’t many ways to use it but it is still a great magic.


    Oh well. I also have had to say goodbye to party members I had known for years many times.

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