Intro to Magic

Systems of Magic:


Flame magic proficient in attack spells, suppressing its power is very taxing on the body.



Water magic proficient in support, and interference, various effects can be learned from this branch of magic. Coincidentally the 「Scout Scope」 spell is also of the 「Blue」 branch.



Magic affiliated with the earth and space. It’s possible to control both space and the terrain if trained. There aren’t many variations for this branch to be used, but it’s very powerful.



Magic capable of interfering with the atmosphere, making control over wind and thunder possible. The whimsical nature of this branch makes it powerful, but very hard to control.



Magic of Angels and Demons. It’s said, that if trained it’s possible to deliver a message to either God or the Devil themselves… There aren’t many practitioners of this branch, and not much is known about it…


Known Spells/Skills:


「Meditation」- A skill used by magicians that circulates magic power through one’s ‘Magic Lines’ to recover magic power quickly. Requires a lot of concentration.

Primary Spells:

「Red Ball」- A spell that creates a small ball filled with Red/Scarlet system’s magical power.

「Blue Ball」- A spell that creates a small ball filled with Blue system’s magical power.

「Red Wave」- A spell that releases a burst of hot hair, the air is hot enough to singe someone’s hair when exposed to it. Has a variety of uses if used correctly.

「Green Ball」- A spell that creates a small ball filled with Green system’s magical power.

「Black Ball」- A spell that creates a small ball filled with Black system’s magical power.

「Black Shot」- Rapid-fire use of the ‘Black Ball’ Spell.

「White Ball」(Soul System) – A spell that creates a small ball filled with Soul system’s magical power. Unlike the other ‘ball’ spells, White ball can also purify its targets.

Intermediate Spells:

「Red Crash」- It’s a spell that burns a narrow area with an explosive flame, it takes a lot of magic power to use but it’s decent power evens things out.

「Red Wave」- Spell with the best magic power to attack power conversion, will continue on endlessly until the spell is canceled.

Great Spells:

「Black Thunder」- A spell that calls down a lightning strike on the enemy. Compared to other great spells ‘Black Thunder’ isn’t as powerful, but it takes less magic power to use. Requires a cloudy sky.

Chant: “I beckon the spirits, shout like a storm, and roar like thunder, wipe out the foes before my eyes with the wrath of the heavens!”

「Blue Gale」- A spell that summons a tornado to blow away the castor’s foes. Strong enough to send someone the size of a grown man flying.

Rank Unknown:

「Scout Scope」(Blue System) – A newly created spell that can visualize an individual’s current strength as well as their limitations/potential. At low levels it can only display one’s current strength, level and name. At higher levels can display talent limit, what spells the target can cast, what level the target’s spells are, etc.

「Time Leap」(Red System?) – Zeff Einstein’s Greatest spell (First Life), magic that can send one’s consciousness into the past while keeping all memories already experienced. Unstable magic, it is unknown how far back one’s consciousness will travel.

「Teleport」(System Unknown) – Spell of instantaneous movement, teleported area must be in user’s line sight. Not usable in combat, or in close quarters.

「Magic Amplification」(System Unknown)- A spell that doubles the power of the next spell casted, while at the same time doubling magic consumption.

「Green Wall」- A spell that summons a wall of magical ivy that can bind and move the targets according to the castor’s will. Has a wide area of effect.

「Unlock(No real name)」(System Unknown) – Spell taught to magician thieves, made for unlocking…locks.

「Defense Buff(No real name)」(System Unknown) – Spell that takes 90% of the damage from the next attack the castor takes. Has a long chant, so its not usable in the middle of battle.





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