Re:Master Magic 20 Lydia

Okay~ Two outta four done~ This one’s for the 23rd~

Confusing chapter @_@

Yeah, if there’s an image that I don’t think is a spoiler, then I’ll use it as a ‘featured image’, otherwise I won’t.

Wait… they didn’t elaborate on what they did last chapter AT ALL? No grabbing the girl’s shoulders and pushing her away? No random interruption by some person or object crashing through the window breaking the mood? No misunderstanding like the furniture incident from chapter 11? WHAT?!

What’s with that? Don’t tell me they… but they’re too young for that sort of thing! @_@

Here ya go~

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Re:Master Magic 17 The King of Death – Prologue

This chapter was sooo looong, 5 pages… here’s the chapter meant for today…  3/3 done… I’m going to bed… *yawns*

And for monsters, since they’re created from the magic power in the earth

Magic Power = Health Points for them.

Activate Scout Scope!


Translation Power: 0/9001

The sloth Kuroi has fainted!

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